Sophia Rodríguez (BE/VE)



Sophia Rodríguez is a Venezuelan actress, dancer, martial artist, circus artist and drama teacher. Since 2001 she has performed and taught in countries around the world. Her versatility and passion for transmitting body knowledge have led her to develop artistic and social projects in countries such as Ven- ezuela, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Egypt, Ukraine, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands and Italy, among others. Sophia Rodriguez enjoys teaching and working with actors, dancers, boxers, circus artists, and non-professionals. She specializes in creating relationships between people from different backgrounds, bringing them to a sense of community through the creative process and physical preparation. She gives her students and/or artists different tools that allow them to become more receptive, bold and open to experiences. She uses different techniques and exercises she has gathered during her 20 years of experience in the field of body education and performance.

In 2000, Sophia obtained her degree in Physical Theatre from the educational program of the National Theatre of Venezuela. In 2001, she started practicing capoeira with Emerson Dominguez-Zenzala. In 2003, she studied intensively for a year the wire act at the National Circus School of Cuba. In 2008 she graduated in dance/performance at the Universidad Experimental de las Artes, Venezuela. In 2013 she became artist in residence at Volksroom Brussels and received the danceWEB grant within the framework of the ImPulsTanz festival. In 2014 she obtained her Master‘s degree in Physical Theatre at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri. She has been the author of many performances in collaboration with artists such as Ines Rojas, Nene Raul Vargas, Thomas Proksch, Ivo Dimchev, Micha Goldberg, David Zambrano (VE/NL), Osmany Tellez (NY), Sabine Jamet (FR), Mat Voolter (NL). In 2020 she created Ostentation Project which was first presented at the Batârd festival in Brussels. After performing at CAMPO during the festival ENTER THROUGH THE VOID, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, and in Ljubljana during the 3rd Sindikat festival, her piece has now been selected for the ImPulsTanz [8:tension] programme. Sophia Rodríguez is currently researching her new production, Friction, which will premiere in 2022.


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Sophia Rodríguez
Ostentation Project (Choreographer, Performer)
danceWEB Scholarship Recipient