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Dani Brown was born and raised in Rochester, NY, a small city on lake Ontario, with a huge gap between rich and poor and a high rate of violent crime. Upon completing high school Dani drove across the US to live in the dessert above Albuquerque, NM, there she was an initiator of the sidewalk performance group known notoriously by the local police as SHHHHH! She completed her freshman and sophomore years at Virginia Commonwealth University dept. of Dance and Choreography. Bush was elected, the first time, and she moved to the mountains of Virginia with a bunch of close friends where she was a guest artist with the Zen Monkey Project. After various, shall we say, cultural exchanges Dani finished her BDa, specialisation Dance Maker at the ArtEZ, College of Art in Arnhem, NL (former European Dance Development Centre). She received the danceWEB scholarship in 2009. "Lap Dance: Series #1" premiered in 2015 at The Museum for Contemporary Art Freiburg. Dani’s production "HOME...", in collaboration with Justin Kennedy (US) and Gael Cleinow (BE), premiered in 2013 (Kampnagel, Hamburg). Her productions including her first solo work "HOW DO YOU IMAGINE THE DEVIL?" (Kampnagel, Hamburg | Dec. 2012), as well as "THE INVITATION" and "IT’S GONNA BLOW" (both co-directed with f6 partner Marta Navaridas | Kampnagel 2008 + 2010) and "BODY SWAP" (co-directed with Singaporean choreographer Joavien Ng | Kampnagel 2009) have been presented internationally in Europe, Africa and Asia.
When she isn’t busy with her own research, teaching, or laying on a beach somewhere Dani performs internationally for Alexandra Waierstall (DE), Magga Bjarnadottir (IS), Antje Pfundter (DE), Anat Eisenberg (IL), Lea Moro (CH), Josep Cabellero (ES/DE), Vincent Riebeek (NL), Ligia Lewis (USA/DE), Dragana Bulut (RS/DE), Davis Freeman (US/BE) and the Japanese clothing label COSMIC WONDER Light Source.


        Dani Brown
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