Jaskaran Anand (AT/IN)


Jaskaran Anand working in Vienna and Linz; is an internationally recognised performance artist who works as director, project leader, performer and choreographer, educator, cultural initiator, producer and film/videos maker. He is co-founder, and the leading force of the Linz-based organisation trivium that is researching and promoting cultural intersectionality present in human bodies. He reforms his work together through the working of the philosophy and avatar Harmonical.Self  (inv. March 2020). His/their work, interviews and discussions, have been presented at festivals, in institutions, online and outdoors in Austria, Slovenia, the USA, New Zealand and India. 

We/he explores the (de)construction and (un)networking in the mechanisms of reality(ies) formation through collective working of the geopolitical human body(ies), those that are in intra-action within multi-dimensional spheres we live in.

Anand’s long- term research projects: place of belonging and the six-legged L-INKED live on the very junction of transdisciplinary approach dealing with national identity, economy, intimacy, gender and sexuality. His recent works: In-between Privacy, Hibernating Further and MachinedHuman! deal with digitisation, ecological-psychological aspects of society, and the philosophy of posthumanism. In recent years, he has been seen at Imagetanz Festival/brut Wien, ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival, ARS Electronica Festival, Europäische Theatre Nacht, Lange Nacht der Museen Linz, Lange Nacht der Bühnen Linz, Brunnenpassage – Theatre am Markt, platforma sodobnega plesa Maribor, and Roma Europa Festival.

Based on dance-theatre, meditation and art-education based practices, he leads and co-organises improvisation-based workshops and pedagogical projects conceptualized under Deforming-body ideologies, City Swarming - a dance marathon, Moving Energies and the very famous Playful Bodies.

Since 2012, he has been active in the European and Indian world of contemporary dance and performance art, where he has worked as a performer/collaborator with Ivo Dimchev, Salvo Lombardo/CHIASMA, Sandra Chatterjee, Liz King, and Opera de Lausanne.


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