Comfort Fedoke (US)



Nigerian American Comfort Fedoke is a multi-talented, choreographer, actor, singer, and Emmy award winning dancer. Known for competing on So You Think You Can Dance Season 4, and was invited back for several years as an All-Star, choreographer and mentor. On stage, Comfort has worked and performed live with talented artists such as H.E.R, John Legend, Florence and the Machine, Harry Styles, Kanye West, LL Cool J, Chaka Kahn, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Wale, Jason Derulo, JLo, Travis Scott, Drake, Gwen Stefani, lizzo, Missy Elliott a. o. Her work doesn't end on the dancefloor, she also worked alongside legendary Sway Calloway for Red Bull TV as a commentator and host, as well as a judge on a hit Nigerian TV show called Maltina Dance All. Commercially Comfort has done numerous amounts of work. She was a solo feature in Nike’s 30-year celebration of Air Max, promoting the new VaporMax shoe as well as Michael Jackson’s Pepsi generation super bowl commercial. She has acted and choreographed in a number of films and TV shows. Such as films like Footloose, Step Up 5 All In, The Mindy project, Blindspotting, High Strung, That 90’s show, The Big Leap, The Santa Clauses, and you can now catch Comfort on Disney plus as DrosselMeyer on the new family film Hiphop Nutcracker. Comfort is currently residing in the UK working as an associate choreographer on the new film Wicked, directed by John Chu.


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