Veza Maria Fernandez Ramos (AT)



Veza Fernández is a dance, voice and performance artist based in Vienna. Her work is concerned with the poetics and politics of expression as a site of relationship, imagination and transformation. She interweaves singing, writing, dancing and speaking as physical forms of study, experimentation and performance. Her pieces are sensitive and intense, forming polyphonic assemblies of voices and presences that yearn to move and be moved. Veza Fernández’ background spans philology, pedagogy, theatre, music and contemporary dance. She holds a Masters in Choreography from the DAS Graduate School (Amsterdam Academy for Theatre and Dance). Her work has been shown at brut Wien, Tanzquartier Wien, Sophiensaele Berlin, Gessnerallee Zurich, de Singel Antwerp and La Casa Encendida Madrid, among others.


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TURBO Research Residency
TURBO Research Residency Recipient