pavleheidler (SE/HR)



pavleheidler (pav) (they/them) (ADHD-autism) is a movement-and-word artist and activist, an educator, and a neurodivergent queer critical thinker who specialises in developing research- based performative practices within the expanding fields of dance and choreography. Their work-ing is meant to be encouraging of the continual re-form-ing in and of the intersectional and the emergent field of queer critical practice.

pav likes to say their job is to make people’s dreams come true. This applies no matter the context in which they’re working in. Their approach consists of realising the range between the immaterial and the material extreme in any person’s experience and recognising the patterns that connect said extremes. What remains is activating said patterns, becoming conscious of them, and changing what we see and do relative to what, until a moment ago, we could only have ever imagined.

pav has been educated at SEAD, P.A.R.T.S., and SKH (ex-DOCH, now Stockholm University of the Arts). they’ve worked as a dancer since they were 11 years old, moving from show-dancing, through all-things-theatre, to embodied research and experiment-based practice. pav is a somatic movement educator of body-mind centering®.

BMC® and Body-Mind Centering® are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, used with permission.


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