Kira Kirsch (DE/AT)


Kira Kirsch is a dance artist, dance educator, dance researcher and community builder. Based in Berlin since 2015 she has been collaborating in building a furthering educational program for dance and movement professionals at Lake Studios under the name of Movement Artisans, created an annual festival called Sensing In and hosted several dance research residencies and symposiums at Lake Studios and Tanzfabrik developing and collecting collaborative research methodologies for dancers at the intersection of art, science, and transmission. She has been a regular guest teacher at the HZT Bachelor programme and teaches internationally. Her artistic work is deeply influenced by her seven years in San Francisco dancing with Sara Shelton Mann, Avi K. Productions and Nita Little and the Divisadero Research Company among many others. Recent projects include dance films, music videos, risky improvisations, touch residencies and site-specific works. Kira is also a passionate contact improvisor which constitutes much of her experiential research practice.

In her pedagogical work she celebrates learning through movement and dancing together. She facilitates spaces that transform each participant into active and curious researchers of the body in movement and she is eager to cultivate the value of collaborative dance research. She is committed to the art of dancing and fascinated in the ecology of historical and emerging dance practices. This is also reflected in her current project together with four other Berlin dance artists and educators forming the initiative Being Mov*Ed: A platform for dance education and research providing multi- disciplinary contents and space for peer exchange, update, and reflection.


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