Jassem Hindi (NO/FR/PS)



Jassem Hindi is a Palestinian/French performer, sound artist and choreographer, born in Saudi Arabia and based in Norway. He uses broken dances, broken texts, broken sounds, lead by nervousness and necessity. His latest pieces Laundry of Legends and Sun Eaters are based on death poems (Adnan, Malaika), using pre-Islamic cosmogony, doom style and diverted folk dances from the Middle East and Norway. He has founded a research/performance group about haunting, hospitality and migration called Stranger Within with Mia Habib. He has also created a lecture series called Betraying Utopia/Slime Utopia. His recent collaborators are Lara Kramer, Clara Furey, Simon Portigal, Justin de Luna, Harald Beharie, Ofelia Jarl Ortega and Sina Seifee. Since the past decade, he also designs and creates music for choreographers all over the world.


        Marie Ursin
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