Ives Thuwis (BE)



Ives Thuwis was a student at the Dance Academy in Tilburg. Following his graduation, he was actively involved for many years with the Dansers Collectief followed by the Moussoux-Bonté company. ?He also danced at the former Speelteater in Ghent in Landschap of Laura, a performance by Eva Bal and Alain Platel. Following the great success of his first creation, Royaal Lyrisch, in the Kopergierty, Ives staged various dance performances which were very well received both in Belgium and abroad. Indeed, his productions have several times been programmed at the Holland Festival. ?His creations in the Kopergierty include: "Men, Tom waits for no man", "Ich wollte nog etwas sagen", "Out in the woods", "Satin and White Wine…" and also "Henry" (3 Ons – Palinckx band – ASKO-ensemble), "The end of an affair and Adieu" (in association with FFT Düsseldorf).
As a choreographer he also created the major international "Brief" project, which the Kopergierty developed together with Dschungel Wien (Vienna), Theaterhaus Gessnerallee (Zürich) and JES (Stuttgart). For a number of years now he has been one of the permanent inspirers / creators of the Kopergierty Theatre Workshops.


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