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© Kat Reynolds
© Kat Reynolds


Workshop Centre Arsenal

Our bright Workshop location at Arsenal, which we can use for the 20th time this year – thanks to Art for Art & the Burgtheater Vienna – is not only an accumulation of dance studios, but also the heart of the ImPulsTanz day-programme. Hot spot and oasis at the same time, it is the haven and meeting point of around 1.000 dancing people from approximately 90 countries enjoying their mutual presence in addition to taking the 220 Workshops! Our Cafeteria, run by francophil, invites eyes and stomach to stay, there is WiFi, childcare, a Body Work Space and a park close-by.

The Open-Doors-Spirit

You are welcome to watch most of the workshops at the Arsenal. The studios are huge, there is enough space to find a spot next to the dance carpet without disturbing the class. Follow the movements in your thoughts, get in the mood for dancing and let yourself be carried away by the (live) music!

The Open-Doors-Events

The following events are perfect for getting into festival mood – and are free of charge!

Jams & Showings

Contact Improvisation Jams are taking place on a weekly basis and are open for everyone who likes improvising in groups – mostly free admission. Showings of Research Projects, Workshops and Residencies are taking place usually at the end of a week and are open for everyone interested to watch – free admission!
The dates will be announced on our website, at the Arsenal Workshop Centre and via WhatsApp on short notice.

BodyWork Space

During the festival, ImPulsTanz hosts a BodyWork Space at the Arsenal where teachers can hold one-to-one lessons. Booking is possible via the BodyWork space list, which is available at our ImPulsTanz shop at Arsenal. Further details for the units and prices are available at the Shop at the Arsenal.

More details soon. Stay tuned, especially during the festival!!

© Rio Rutzinger

Public Moves

Free Open Classes for everyone
From 15th July to 11th August there will also be free classes in public spaces. At the Anton-Benya-Park and the Jesuitenwiese on a daily basis as well as on 03 August at Radsommer am Donaukanal, teachers convey their skills. Every age and level is welcome! No reservation required. MORE

© Zen Cohen, 2014

Border Clásicos

Thursday, 11 July, 21:00
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Atelierhaus, Lehargasse 8, 1060 Vienna, Prospekthof, gate 2

an evening with mexican performance artist and author Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Sketches of Balitronica Gómez as part of the exhibition Field Within
An event of the der Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in cooperation with ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

© impressions'17 Karolina Miernik


Sunday, 14 July, 16:00, Arsenal
Workshops Opening Lecture
Come in and join the world of the ImPulsTanz Workshops. We invite everyone who is interested in dance to attend the opening afternoon, where the teachers will give a survey of their work through lectures and short performances. The best opportunity to get to know our guests before the Workshops start!

© Georg Nógel

Triple Sugar JAM

Thursday, 18 July, 20:15, Arsenal
presented by MAD
Hosts: Vera Rosner and Frans Poelstra
Music: Manu Mayr + Didi Kern
Free admission!

© Karolina Miernik

Showing – FEETBOX (8+) Workshop

Friday, 19 July 11:15, Dschungel Wien, Bühne 1
How fast can you stomp your feet to the rhythm? Can you tell a story only with your hands? Which kind of basses and sibilants can you create with your voice? What is Kathak? What is Beatbox? The participants of the FEETBOX Workshops would like to show you what the've learned in these first days of their time with Kaveri & Philipp Sageder. Everyone's welcome!

© Andy Walahol

Showing – Bodyparkour (10+)

Friday, 19 July, 13:20, Dschungel Wien (MQ)
BodyParkour Workshop presentation with a mini performance by Akós Hargitay and his class. Always a bliss to watch!!

Showing – Tanzexpedition (7-11J)

Friday, 19 July, 12:10, Dschungel Wien
The group of the Workshop Tanzexpedition (7-11J) would like to show you some of their discoveries and movement experiments of this week! Welcome!!

© Jérôme Bel

Think Tank Dance and Ecology – Jérôme Bel

Saturday, 20.07. + Sunday, 21.07.2019, 13:00–17:00, Arsenal Studio D
Jérôme Bel invites dancers, choreographers, critics, producers, activists, technicians, spectators to engage in a discussion on dance and ecology. The goal is to come up with a text on this subject to be launched publicly and put online to start a larger discussion as a consequence of this think tank. No need to register! Just come!! Admission free!

Defne Erdur

Rest In Peace Where You Art – Meditation & Art for Peace

Week2, 22–26 July, 09:00–09:30, Arsenal, in the Park just outside Studio B
Free Meditation Sessions Before the Classes Start
At times of turmoil; conflicts, violence, terror and wars, where action calls… We invite you to a mindful, artful & peaceful meditation meeting. At the center… of the body, of the mind.

Following dance full days let's sit together for a "love & kindness meditation" that may turn into a reflective dialogue with our selves & each other. Through silence and stillness followed by writing, drawing, moving we can create an artful & peaceful response to the wild life of our times. Our art will culminate into a Call for Peace – to be exhibited online.
Friends in Vienna, you are all welcome!

Defne Erdur (TR) is multi-disciplinary artist, teacher, therapist & a social worker trained in Contemporary Dance (PhD), Sociology (MA), Inter-model Art Therapy, Body Therapies, Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing) & Meditation (WPI Peace Architect). Invested in building trustful, peaceful & creative environments; the prospect of all her work is to mediate people to relate to their own self & accompany them in their physical, mental & emotional processes towards wellbeing. She works in many countries & settings around different themes (such as non verbal & non violent communication, empowerment, conflict transformation, building trust & solidarity…) with & for different populations. She believes in joy.
© Dieter Rehberg

WienJam goes Barock

Thursday, 25 July, 20:30, Arsenal Studio 2
The local Tuesdays-Jam by WienJam as guest at ImPulsTanz
Hosts: Dieter Rehberg and Julia Rastelli
Music: Pietro Locatelli – Concerti Grossi
pay as you wish!
Mindful community. Beginners are welcome.
WienJam offers mindful and solidary jams, labs and workshops and retreats. WienJam is Contact Improvisation and more. Further information:

Showing – Afrikanischer Kindertanz

Friday, 26 July, 13:15, Dschungel Wien
Mamadou and the participants of the Afrikanischer Kindertanz Workshop show which stories they danced throughout the week.

Showing – Up Close And Personal

Friday, 26 July 13:30, Arsenal Studio D
The intergenerational Workshop group invites audience to a final showing to conclude their encounter of people from different generations and backgrounds,

Showing – Jesús Guiraldi

Saturday, 27 July 16:30, Studio C
Juan Jesús Guiraldi (AR) shows excerpts of his current work!

© Daniel Aschwanden

Showing – Blind_Moves Workshop

Sunday, 28 July, 16:30–17:30, Arsenal Studio B
The Workshop BLIND_moves with Daniel Aschwanden, Barbara Eichhorn and participants opens the doors for the last hour the doors for everyone who is interested.
featuring Tomasz Vollmann

OF(F) RHYTHM – a workshop by Naïma Mazic & Haggai Cohen-Milo (n ï m company)

Tuesday, 30 July, 10:00-12:00, Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera
for professional dancers!

If you would like to join please write an email to
Beats, Offbeats, Triplets, Polyrhythms– dancer and choreographer Naïma Mazic has been working intensively for years on the exchange between dancers and musicians. Together with composer and musician Haggai Cohen-Milo they have been researching on how jazz musicians and dancers can communicate through rhythm and developed a workshop together.

This class will allow the participants to experience the possible versatility of rhythm in dance, and how it can function as it is does in Jazz music. The warm-up of Naïma Mazic will give an insight into the world of House and Swing Dance and Haggai will be guiding with his double bass.
Biographies and further information:
address: Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera, Goethegasse 1, 1010 Vienna
The workshop will be documented for private use only.
© Emilia Milewska

Swaying Perspectives <> Stabile Utopien

Thursday, 01 August 15:30–20:30, Arsenal Studio D

With Mellow Yellow & DOOL (Dance out of Line) projects the necessary awareness raising regarding the topic of inclusion can be initiated step by step in Austrian schools.

© Karolina Miernik

Showing – Ofelia Jarl Ortega

Thursday, 01 August 17:00, Ballet Academy of the States Opera Vienna
Goethegasse 1, 1010 Vienna
Ofelia Jarl Ortega invites to the Final Showing of her Residency.

rollingpoint Contact Improvisation Jam "LISTENING, MEETING, ACTION"

Thursday, 01. August, 20:15 until approx. 22:00, Arsenal Studio 2
Hosts: maRia Probst & Christian Apschner
Fueled by Bernhard Weiss (DJ Set- Ambient, IDM,Experimental)
Introduction to the specifics of a rollingpoint Jam fostering a high level of attention while being in tune with your reflexes and your poetic self: between 20:15–20:45. Please come on time! Admission: pay as you wish!

Showing – HipHop Tanz MixedAbilities (11+)

Friday, 02 August 11:15, Dschungel Wien
The participants of Attila Zanin's Workshop will show you many different moves of the HipHop universe they have learned in the course of this week. Pass by!

Showing – Power Animals 8+

Friday, 02 August, 13:00 Dschungel Wien
The big highlight ig this week's Power Animals Workshop, where all the different animals and their movement qualities, such as the albatross, bark beetles and friends will be celebrating in the spectacular power animal Cypher! Pass by!

As of August 2019, information subject to change


© Maja Preckel


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