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Keith Hennessy & Michael J. Morris

The Spiral of Fortune (7 of Birds)

A laboratory of political witchcraft

The Spiral of Fortune (7 of Birds) is a week of dance divination, queer becoming, healing from political harm, and collaborative world-making, where world-making manifests as post/de-colonial choreography, magic, healing, activism, discourse, and ritual.

Keith Hennessy and Michael J. Morris will offer a week-long intensive laboratory, a politicised mystery school, in an expansive field where the politics of the land meet the politics of the body, and potential is everywhere. Incorporating tarot, astrology, fake and real healing, death practice, dancing together and alone, negotiating difference, somatic exploration and improvised ritual, in an on-going studio practice of shared play, research, and performance. We'll move between tradition and invention, the world as it has been and all the worlds that are yet to come, the known and the unknowable — and the spaces in-between. We'll cultivate full-bodied attention to what is subtle, spectacular, felt, invisible, imaginary, visionary, ancient, emergent, more-than-human, and marginal in order to devise collaborative art/ritual experiences that address contemporary crises in our global age. At the heart of this investigation is the conviction that what we practice at the small scale supports what we are capable of practising at other scales; thus, engaging with the forces of global crises at the scale of individual bodies and communities has the capacity to generate strategies for navigating and co-creating our world.

We'll make experiences and relationships in a vibrant real time composition that resonates in non-linear frequencies with the past, the future, and the timeless. We'll situate our studio in the crisis of power and empowerment destabilised by an era of both privilege and dispossession, economic and environmental precarity.

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Intensive2: 27. Jul + 28. Jul 2019
Week3: 29. Jul - 02. Aug 2019


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