Sasha Pirogova
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Sasha Pirogova

Obstacle is a Driver of Miracle

What are our borders?

What are our fears?

What do we want?

Our bodies know everything, we will just let them speak.

With the help of imagination, transformation and simplification we will find the driver for genuine personal expressions of each participant.

I made my first insight discovery at a design studio for children when I was fifteen. We have been working on a project entitled «The House of the Future». I had an idea that in future people will always be moving and they won't need to have a private flat, so a house of the future will be a huge and complex system of corridors without doors. Everyone would be safe because no one else would know the way to the right place in that labyrinth. At first, the professor didn't like my idea and told me to rethink. I have been thinking whole days for several months, going deeper and deeper and making the corridors more and more complex, until suddenly a new concept flashed in my head: «a house is alive». And the energy of life made these cold, dark and solid corridors vanish, since life is inevitable and therefore eternal. This notion is the source of my work now.

In this workshop we will apply this idea, moving, thinking and rethinking and re-moving, finding obstacles of each participant and transforming them into new possibilities, which will open new fields of research. The way to freedom is hard but worth it!

ArtistBio: Sasha Pirogova
Workshopoverview 2018
Week1: 16. Jul - 20. Jul 2018


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