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Michelle Panting
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Eroca Nicols

Contact for Queers and Ladies

Stared down, Letched on and Creeped out: Partnering skills for queers and ladies or subverting annoying hetero patriarchy shit (or we could put culture) in Contact Improvisation.

(By Queers and Ladies, I mean: "Ladies (cis and trans), queers, genderqueer and non binary folks, and trans folks of all genders who feel a connection with communities largely centred on experiences of misogyny and transmisogyny." Words from my friend Carly Boyce, queer sex educator/femme badass.)

Hey ladies, Hey queers,

Ever thought to yourself "Wow, I am interested in moving with other humans?" only to go to a CI jam and feel: stared down, letched on, creeped out and/or generally unwelcome? Boo that shit. Let's learn some ways to make space, take space and move with fluidity, both in the body and the gender department.

CI has for years been a big part of my dancing life and it is both wonderful, as a physical practice, and infuriating, as big white hetero hippie creep fest. No, not everyone in CI is awful. But the general culture allows for a kind of anything goes, neoliberal white hippie body "freedom" that I find gross and leaves little room for exploration not dominated by these tropes. Identifying and navigating lines of consent and appropriate touch within a dance context is often off the table as our bodies are considered commodities (yes, friends, even and especially in big fat festival contexts!). How can we carve out spaces for engaging in touch, vulnerability with other humans and physical risk taking without having to kowtow to the mild to hardcore oppressions and aggressions implicit in the structures we move into and out of in the dance world?

I don't know but I'm trying to figure it out.

We will do some subverting, some skill sharing, some weight sharing and lots of choice making.

ArtistBio: Eroca Nicols
Workshopoverview 2017


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