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Akemi Takeya

Beyond habits and no habits: The transformative power of body

The workshop is set up as a laboratory. Its aim is to find the transformative power of the body through raising awareness and unveiling unconscious habits. Those habits, which take the form of different movement patterns in daily life, are going to be investigated: How do they become part of us? How do they evolve? How can we get out of them? Furthermore, Akemi proceeds with asking questions: How can we handle the mechanical functions of what we do in any existing dance technique, such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, HipHop, Contemporary, Butoh etc.? Why perform in front of an audience? Who is your audience and who is the person you work for? Where is the origin of power? What makes you move?

With this laboratory-workshop, Akemi attempts to awake one’s own nature and thus trace its origins. The basic training consists of (re)connecting the "Embryonal Breathing Technique" and the perceptive skills that have become atrophied through civilization. Through this practice the "Feelers" of humankind (like those of insects) could be revived. The aim is to deepen one's perceptive ability in sensing an invisible inner energy in the body, which Akemi named "Breath Body". In addition, the workshop participants are going to explore their own presence on stage, articulation, releasing and tensing, offensiveness and defensiveness, reaction and action, instant selection and decision, timing, personal history, sharing something, face, attitude, gesture, words and voice.

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