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Sybrig Dokter

body in question

body in question

This workshop will be in the field of movement, video and producing text, focusing on how the portrayal of conflict and the building of opinion is manipulated by the way of inquiring into it. We will look at the way questions are asked and answers are given and how that affects our physicality by a series of (physical) tasks, scores and exercises.

Belonging to a minority and the questioning of oneself and others about ones own responsibility in situations of conflict and war are subjects that come up in the workshop sessions.

We will investigate the questioning body or the body in question.

One element of the workshop is the interviews that are conducted among and by the participants themselves and possibly of other people outside of the workshop.

The interviews that will be done by the participants of the workshop will be filmed with simple handheld equipment like mobile phones. The interviews will be a starting point of playing with taking on other people’s identities or opinions as well as forming an archive of physical and mental attitudes.

Memory and re-telling can be upholding the current narrative.

We will dance as a way to remember.

We will look at things from another position- literally.

We will be the object and subject

This workshop is for dance and performance artists and professionals with experience of performing and making, who are interested in re-examining and extending process and practice in relation to this subject.

ArtistBio: Sybrig Dokter
Workshopoverview 2015
Week2: 27. Jul - 31. Jul 2015


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