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Dasniya Sommer & Frances D'ATH

Shibari Yoga

The workshop combines Yoga and the Japanese rope technique "Shibari". First, we do yoga, to develop a sense of our own body anatomy. This way we can concentrate better on another body while playing. The simultaneous perception of breathing and of the own bodymap is important. In some asanas (yoga postures) we will integrate ropes, or we will start with tying the ropes already in the beginning of the yoga session, for example, in a feet or torso harness. The contact of the material increases our serendipity and mixes with the fusion of sensuality and craftsmanship of bodies and ropes.

In the second part of the workshop we will mix and fuse different rope techniques. The applied shapes are inspired by the precise and even acrobatic art of Osada Steve. Arisue Go's philosophy is particularly suitable for beginners and is a good approach for exploring own ideas. In recent years we developed, a technique that we call Messy Tying. Traditional elements are retained and brought together with improvisation principles. The apparent order in the inner chaos or some kind of punk bondage! We also work with a feminist attitude towards Shibari. If porn, then please be sure to have a female view on it! Each participant ties every other participant and men can also be erotic! We will teach basic tying like the basic knot and harnesses for upper bodies as well as hanging and safety principles.

Working in couple or group constellations we will develop through physical dialogues queer, grotesque or completely abstract play languages as means of expression. Thus we create relaxing and sometimes meaningless empty compositions through sensory stimuli, as well as symbolically charged moments. We work with dance and Contact Improvisation, and with elements of role-playing. Since the knowledge of participants of yoga, games and knots are varying, every one first works on the personal level of experience and we step in with individual advice.

Nazis und Sexists will immediately be removed from the workshop place!

ArtistBio: Dasniya Sommer
ArtistBio: Frances D'ATH
Workshopoverview 2014
Week4: 11. Aug - 15. Aug 2014



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