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_ 2018 _ research : 7 RESULTS


Thomas Faburn De Frantz


afroFUTUREqu##r How do we dance for the future? In fits and starts, in video bits and interfaces? Where does our shared history matter as we imagine forward? This is a research workshop dancing toward...
Field Projects 2018


Voilá - The most important thing in the universe [NOTE: July 30 - August 10!]

Voilà Working title: The most important thing in the universe Choreographic assistant: Helena Araujo What am I focused on and what do I want my audience to be focused on? Am I aware of the aesthetic/monetary ...
ProSeries 2018


Black, White, Grey: Who’s afraid?

Black, White, Grey: Who’s afraid? It seems that my current preoccupation boils down to the question of what different artistic disciplines do. I’m interested how ideas in dance performance and the vis...
Field Projects 2018

Jennifer LACEY

The Institute of the Kenns

Institute of the Kenns A relaxing dance within the increasingly irrelevant, to discuss the present impossibility of subversion. An aesthetic proposition. Ken Russell and Kenneth Anger, I do the google...
Field Projects 2018

Mani Obeya featuring Live Music by François Ceccaldi

a composition of bodies o

a composition of bodies What moves us to move, to dance? From our dawn the impulse has always been sound. Dancing has been bound to sound since we discovered the joy of movement, with no purpose other...
Field Projects 2018

Amanda PIÑA & Rodrigo DE LA TORRE

Danza y Frontera

Danza y Frontera A choreography of resistance at the border between Mexico and the US. This Field Project features live music by Christian Müller and Edgar Uriel Soria Rodriguez. In this Field Project ...
Field Projects 2018

Maria Francesca Scaroni


technopeasantry Dancing is a technology of ecstasy, one that has not gotten extinct, yet there were times where there was much more of it happening. Barbara Ehrenreich asks in Dancing in the Streets,...
Field Projects 2018


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