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Field Projects: 2015

Charmaine LeBlanc & Angélique Willkie

Something That Says Something

Coming from different backgrounds it is remarkable how similar these two artists are. Both have an incredible love for voice and notion of how important an element it is to not only movement as a whole but as a unique performance tool. Angélique is a dancer / vocalist / dramaturge / choreographer / teacher. Charmaine is a vocalist / composer / director / musician / performer.

Participants need to come prepared with an idea for merging both, movement and voice, and an idea for a piece; be it thematic, image driven, music driven, text driven, movement or voice driven. A series of solos is what we would love to direct. We will add an extra layer that frames the whole process by being inspired by the architectural elements of a space, which helps inspire the creation of characters that inhabit it based upon fact or fiction, fantasy or reality.

We begin each day giving a voice class. Both of us lead a part of this half of the Field Project. Some exercises push movement and voice while others push rhythm and voice. Following the class we give various exercises that help participants to go further with their themes and ideas.

We then work individually with each participant and help bring his or her piece closer to a finish. Working with two seasoned performers who direct performances, our individual styles will allow each participant to experience looking at their work from different perspectives.

There will be an open performance at the end of the Field Project so that each individual can show what he/she has created within the five days. There is no better way to grow as an artist than to have one’s work seen.

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ArtistBio: Angélique Willkie


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