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Since 1988 ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival has been presenting a cross section of the contemporary dance scene in all its varieties. Companies and artists such as Ballet de l‘Opéra Nati...
© Jean-Louis Fernandez

Akram Khan Company

Outwitting the Devil

“I will undertake it and I will cut down the Cedar / It is I who will establish fame for eternity!” King Gilgamesh talks big in the Sumerian epic named after him, which British choreographer Akram Kha...
© Mathias Voelzke

Alexandra Bachzetsis

Private Song

Rebetiko is regarded as the blues of Greece. Anyone who connects it with a holiday feeling can now add a new layer to this association. Rebetis means ‘drifter’ or ‘tough guy’, in the sense of some...
© Jean-Yves Genoud

Alias Cie / Guilherme Botelho

Sideways Rain

It takes courage to tackle big issues because somehow everything of importance seems to already have been discussed or published at some point. Guilherme Botelho, director and choreographer of the...
© Gregory Batardon

Alias Cie / Guilherme Botelho


You fall and get back up, you collapse and rise again; you go to bed and get up in the morning, the night welcomes you and the day catches up with you, winter and summer, year after year. The cyclical...
© Caroline Minjolle

Anna Huber


A hypersensitive figure moves through her performance’s current of time with phenomenal precision. Her charisma injects the strict aesthetic and formal perfection with an unpredictable quality. When A...
© Alwin Poiana

Astrit Ismaili


Astrit Ismaili, once queer shooting star of the Kosovar visual arts scene and now based in Amsterdam, has teamed up for the pop operetta MISS to sound by Vincent Arp with a “First Flower” (Iv...
[8:tension]  2021
© Herve Deroo

Cie. Maguy Marin


Hooray, we are alive! And there is hope: Hasn’t the situation improved a lot in the 15 years since the world premiere of this magnificent and intensely debated performance by French choreographer M...
© Franz Kimmel

Cristina Caprioli

Scary solo

The body, the images. Trails left by the movements of life, the sound of feelings, the echoes of which follow the dancer. This can indeed be somewhat scary. And then, pondering one’s own decisions: w...
© John Hogg

Dada Masilo / The Dance Factory


In 1913, Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky produced a scandalous classic that has been reinterpreted many times since then: Le sacre du printemps, also known as The Rite of Spring. Now, Dada Masilo,...
© Franzi Kreis

Deborah Hazler/ Angry Agnes Productions

That Rant and Rave

It’s enough to drive you up the wall! The ranting, grumbling and shouting has been so mercilessly pushed into a corner that it was about to fall into oblivion, had it not been for an angry woman w...
© Armin Bardel

Deen, Haager, Illnar, Kartmann, Kraft, Omer, Schaller, Senk

Kosmos Wiener Tanzmoderne

How can dance choreographies that were created in the 1930s, for example, still be danced in the 2020s? With bodies that, after almost a century, are informed, trained and shaped completely differently...
© Johanna Malm

Emmilou Rössling


“FLUFF somehow grew out of its title. fluff as something soft like the feathers of a bird or maybe some dust in a corner and also fluff as something trivial, superficial or something d...
[8:tension]  2021
© Christopher Mavric

Eva-Maria Schaller

Recalling Her Dance a choreographic encounter with Hanna Berger

Recalling Her Dance a choreographic encounter with Hanna Berger The dance solo Die Unbekannte aus der Seine was created in 1941/42 during the National Socialist dictatorship. Paris had been...
© Luk Monsaert

Frank Van Laecke, Alain Platel, Steven Prengels

Gardenia - 10 years later

During the day, they are people of a mature age in suits. But another life begins at night. That’s when the disguise is stripped off and soon, scene by scene, extravagant personalities in fantastic r...
© Thomas Zamolo

Frédéric Gies


His dances level out hierarchies and make familiar surroundings fade away. French-born Swedish choreographer Frédéric Gies has co-created this gripping piece with the Weld Company from Stockholm, f...
© Georg Blaschke

Georg Blaschke / Christian Kosmas Mayer / Christian Schröder

Verwilderung – Ein Seestadtprojekt

Viennese choreographer Georg Blaschke and visual artist Christian Kosmas Mayer, Austrian Outstanding Artist 2020, invite you to a performative walk in the new urban development area Seestadt Aspern....
© Diara Sow

Ian Kaler


For his new solo, dancer and choreographer Ian Kaler asked three artistic companions to choreograph for him. The opening video prologue of footage (cinematography: Diara Sow) of Ian Kaler performing...
© Mariano Silva

Idio Chichava, Converge+

Sentido Unico

Human togetherness has always been complicated, but today the challenges it poses for all of us on a global scale manifest themselves in increasing detail. Choreographer Idio Chichava from Mozambique...
[8:tension]  2021



We cordially invite you to the award ceremony of the ImPulsTanz – Young Choreographers’ Award, which was established in 2018 and will again be presented to the artists of the [8:tension] Young Cho...
[8:tension]  2021
© Lee Harather

ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge Extended


FVLCRVM (SK) live DJ support: Kristian Davidek (FM4 Davideks), Moska (radio nula, DJ saraieva) On the tipping edge between mainstream and underground, Eastern Europe suburb embossed...
© Versau Fastine

ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge Extended


GNUČČI (SE/YU) live DJ support: Dalia Ahmed (FM4), DJ Phekt (FM4) On two dates, the festival lounge welcomes you to very special nights in the whole building of the Kursalon Wien: welcome t...
© Regina Brocke

In Memoriam Ismael Ivo

In Memoriam Ismael Ivo

With Germaine Acogny (SN), Jose Agudo (UK/ES), Ivo Dimchev (BG), Chris Haring & Liquid Loft (AT), Raja Feather Kelly (US), Klangforum Wien (AT), Koffi Kôkô (FR/BJ), Louise Lecavalier (CA), S...
© Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev


Ivo Dimchev is back. And indeed, after his already legendary concerts like the Selfie Concert, where out of sheer enthusiasm physical contact could not be avoided, the famous international Bulgarian...
© Veronique Ellena

Jérôme Bel

Isadora Duncan

A woman who danced ahead of her time, a feminist who, at the end of the 19th century, kissed then restrictive conventions like the corset and pointe shoes goodbye, a dancer of what is called ‘Apollonian b...
© Laurent Philippe

Kaori Ito

Fire me up - Spoken and danced confidences

One thing is certain: what unfolds here is the possibility of an expedition into the realm of love. “We try to reveal as much of ourselves to the spectators as we do to someone we love.”The audience is ...
© Tina Herzl

Klangforum Wien

Stanislaw Lem 2021 Concert 100 Years Science of Fiction

Lem’s work illuminates our time like a great headlight – his 100th birthday anniversary could not fall more congenially into the current present. Inspired by Lem’s late work Fiasco, writt...
© Franzi Kreis

Lau Lukkarila


In a world of post­-xxx, what the heck does it mean to become an engineer of one’s own desire? Does eros still have a chance? And what has happened to catharsis? Lau Lukkarila in...
[8:tension]  2021
© David Visnjic

Leja Jurišić, Bara Kolenc, Peter Kutin, Patrik Lechner, Mathias Lenz


Brina was her partisan name: Marta Paulin was among the first modern dancers in Slovenia before the Second World War. Born in Ljubljana in 1911, the student of Mary Wigman’s method worked for the r...
© Gianluca DiIoia

Lenio Kaklea


How does one become a dancer in the first place? Which secrets lie in the works that a young dance student learns, for example in Athens, where Lenio Kaklea started dancing at the age of ten? And how...
Tara Ivanišević


On the Road to Nowhere …

Performance Situation Room Showing By and with the artists and artist collectives Beatrix Simkó (HU), Divert / Inclusive Movement Research Collective (HR), Laura Kirshenbaum (FR/IL), Ofelia Jarl ...
© Liquid Loft

Liquid Loft / Chris Haring

Still / Stranger Than Paradise (live / on screen)

Still / Stranger Than Paradise  (live / on screen) What the...? Our bodies are effectively on their way to obsolescence? Well, it seems we have paid far too little attention until now and looked...
© Andre Cornellier

Louise Lecavalier / Fou Glorieux


“I am alone onstage – plunged into a maze with my frenzy.” This is how Canadian dance icon Louise Lecavalier describes the state she subjects herself to in her new solo Stations. In it, she manoeuvres throu...
© Tamara Seilman

Madeleine Fournier / O D E T T A


A woman is getting to grips with reality wearing red gloves, she outgrows her footstool, and an ‘intermezzo film’ blossoms from a dance piece, showing something that is rarely seen: the dance of pla...
[8:tension]  2021
Luminosa © Tim Tom

Malika Fankha / Karol Tyminski / Klangforum Wien

Stanislaw Lem Turns 100: Performance and Music move Outerspace.

Lem’s work is more than ever a challenge for contemporary art. ImPulsTanz and Klangforum Wien have commissioned composers Wojtek Blecharz and Mikołaj Laskowski, as well as choreographers Malika Fa...
© Alex Brenner

Marc Oosterhoff - Cie Moost

Take Care Of Yourself

How wonderful: blindfolded, smoking a cigarette after a drinking game (whisky shots), the bare toes playing around between triggered rat traps. Or climbing up the façade of a house at night ...
© Lauren Pallier

Marco Berrettini / *Melk Prod.

No Paraderan

This [ImPulsTanz Classic] is a hit! Its premiere in Paris in 2004 turned into the theatre scandal of the year and made No Paraderan unforgettable. Even the beginning is ironic: “I love Vegas when I...
© Fernando Nhavene

Maria Tembe & Panaibra Gabriel Canda

Solo for Maria

“Southern trees bear a strange fruit”, Billie Holiday sings in a voice that is both strong and delicate. “Blood on the leaves and blood at the root / Black bodies swingin’ in the Southern breeze / Stran...
© Martin Argyroglo

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods


Time speeds up and slows down, it presses, drifts or plummets like a waterfall. For choreographer Meg Stuart, time is a multi-dimensional cascade in which “different realities exist at the same time”, as ...
© Laura Van Severen

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods


Vortices of energy can form in the dynamics of everyday reality. When you reach your ‘event horizon’, you could be drawn into something uncontrollable. Just like the five performers in VIOLET. The...
© Magdalena Fischer

Mermaid & Seafruit

Screens Are My New Clothes. Extended Album Release Show

Screens Are My New Clothes.  Extended Album Release Show The piece demonstrates what Covid-19 might have turned many of us into: lockdown-isolated ‘zoombies’ in screen clothes. The digitalisation of ...
© Georg Hochmuth / APA /

Michael Laub / Remote Control Productions

ADAPTATIONS - a video retrospective remix / talk by Michael Laub

Like Maguy Marin, Ismael Ivo or Jan Fabre, for example, he belongs to the golden generation of dance and performance art that emerged in the roaring eighties and swept the European theatre stages with...
© Anastasia Zueva

Neopost Foofwa - Foofwa d’Imobilité

Dancewalk – Retroperspectives

Dance with its countless possibilities is even capable of walking. If necessary, as far as a hundred kilometres in three days, as happened in May 2015, when Foofwa d’Imobilité initiated su...
© Cillian O'Neill

Petar Sarjanović

Everything I don’t know, I’ve stolen

Archives are wonderful. This young man owns one and he calls it his ‘personal art archive’, compiled by him over the past decade: memories of contemporary dance pieces, books, music and films. Pet...
[8:tension]  2021


Happy Birthday Mr. Beuys!

Artists involved: Steven Cohen (FR/ZA), Julius Deutschbauer (AT), Ivo Dimchev (BG), Jule Flierl (DE) & Irena Z. Tomažin (SI), Lenio Kaklea (FR/GR), Thomas Köck (DE/AT), Jennifer L...
© Tom Callemin

Platform-K / Michiel Vandevelde / Philippe Thuriot

The Goldberg Variations

Steve Paxton is back! Not in person, but in the form of his famous improvisation on Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations from the 1980s. This gem from postmodern dance history is d...
© Reto Schmid


Melodies are so far my best friend

Extravagant clothes, sumptuous drapes of fabric, a melting voice, lascivious looks. This is PRICE, the hybrid persona of artist Mathias Ringgenberg, navigating once more between heteronormative...
© Maria Baranova

Raja Feather Kelly

UGLY (Black Queer Zoo)

“I am an Ugly man”, says the dancer, choreographer and director of the company the feath3r theory. And: “I am not an artist like those who created Beyoncé.” Neither does he see himself as one of N...
© Kate Enman

Raja Feather Kelly

Hysteria (Ugly Part 2)

African American subjectivity is being displaced from pop culture. This is what this second part of Raja Feather Kelly’s UGLY trilogy is about, in which the New York performer continues w...
© Maria Baranova

Raja Feather Kelly


This is the third and concluding part of the pop queer empathy trilogy UGLY, which will be first performed at ImPulsTanz. Raja Feather Kelly, choreographer, dancer and director of the...
© Gregory Batardon

Ruth Childs / Lucinda Childs - Scarlett’s

Pastime / Carnation / Museum Piece

Immerse yourself in the world of early New York dance postmodernism, feel what it was like at a time of new departures when dancers discovered new movements every day: as co-founder of the legendary...
© Marie Magnin

Ruth Childs / Lucinda Childs - Scarlett’s


What do a historic Disney film, a popular form of musical composition, an Arabian horse show and this clever dance solo have in common? Correct: the name fantasia. But choreographer and dancer...
[8:tension]  2021
© Anna Stoecher

Saskia Hölbling / DANS.KIAS

Through Touches

The distancing rules due to the pandemic are still in place. After a year and a half, maintaining a distance has left its mark on society. The exact nature of which has yet to be explored. Viennese...
© Dieter Hartwig

Sergiu Matis

Extinction Room (Hopeless.)

The voices of birds, whose chants and songs can be heard in this performance, are either irretrievably lost or belong to endangered species. In this dreamlike yet highly realistic and compelling performance,...
© Leontien Allemeersch

Sophia Rodríguez

Ostentation Project

Shyness isn’t an attribute of the characters that Sophia Rodríguez transforms into on stage in front of her audience. This became clear when she entangled herself in a huge vulva made of fabric to...
[8:tension]  2021
© Nelly Rodriguez

Tamara Alegre, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Nunu Flashdem, Marie Ursin, Célia Lutangu


To the intricate soundtrack of a club night, FIEBRE departs from a fictional landscape and explores a sensual, gooey material. FIEBRE is a raw, intimate and inceptive space where...
[8:tension]  2021
© gritsalak

The matter lab


The matter lab – initiated by Meg Stuart in conversation with Moriah Evans, Mieko Suzuki, Varinia Canto Vila, Edna Jaime and Claire Vivianne Sobottke – is a collective exp...
© Tristram Kenton

Trajal Harrell

Maggie The Cat

Would you believe it, there once were patriarchs who were addressed as ‘Big Daddy’, like the plantation owner Harvey Pollitt in Tennessee Williams’ play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. First performed in th...
© Orpheas Emirzas

Trajal Harrell

Dancer of the Year

Recognition is good, an award is better – but it’s best to turn good and better into art all over again. These were US American choreographer Trajal Harrell’s thoughts when he found out that he ha...
© Edouard Caupeil

Trajal Harrell

Friend of a Friend

On 30th March 2021, Trajal Harrell invited eight dancers to the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, for an exceptional live-streamed event. In the exhibition, closed to the public...
© Danny Willems

Voetvolk / Lisbeth Gruwez & Claire Chevallier

Piano Works Debussy

The two artists introduce themselves as specialists in tone and movement painting. Their palette is the music of Claude Debussy, they use a bare stage as a canvas, the bareness being emphasised by...
© Lisa Rastl

Willi Dorner


As an analog and at the same time digital existence, this woman is one like you and me. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we are more than ever enclosed in media structures - just like the outstanding...
© Danny Willems

Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez


Wild dancing, energetic bodies, brute scenes and breathtaking sensuality characterise the works of Wim Vandekeybus, one of the most influential choreographers of our time. He has repeatedly dealt with...
© Bart Grietens

ZOO / Thomas Hauert

How to proceed

It’s coming back – the joy of diversity, ambivalence and richness of life and the world that makes life possible. On the occasion of his company ZOO’s 20th anniversary, Belgian choreographer Thoma...
© Filip Vanzieleghem

ZOO / Thomas Hauert

(sweet) (bitter)

What could be more beautiful and more painful than unrequited, impossible love? That is the great, timeless idea in Claudio Monteverdi’s opus Si dolce è’l tormento, at the end of which the lyri...


© Karolin Miernik


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