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Akemi Takeya "Lemonism X Minimalism" © Karolina Miernik

Akemi Takeya


LEMONISM Vol. 2 LEMONISM X MINIMALISM / SYMBOLISM / CUBISM / DADAISM & LEMONISM X ACTIONISM / JAPONISM A biological impossibility but no problem artistically – not for Akemi Takeya, anyway: fruit a...
Akemi Takeya "Lemonism X Dadaism" © Christian Messner

Akemi Takeya


LEMONISM Vol. 2 LEMONISM X DADAISM Actionsm, Japonism, Symbolism – historical isms that Takeya has countered with her “Lemonism” during the last years. Besides an assemblage of all the -isms at Leopo...
Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann "WAR" © nadaproductions

Amanda Piña / nadaproductions

WAR (Ein Kriegstanz)

“Hoko” is the name of the war dance of the indigenous in¬habitants of Rapa Nui, also known as the Easter Island, whose mysterious and tragic civilisation left gigantic sculptures behind. WAR is the ...
Angela Schubot "BROTHERS" © Ben Jakon

Angela Schubot

the inside is the outside is the inside : about nothing [CANCELLED!]

Workshopshowing had to be cancelled due to organisational changes, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Tickets can be returned/exchanged at every ImPulsTanz day box office until 13.8. „A d...
Anne Juren "Anatomie" © Anne Juren

Anne Juren


The audience is made up of sighted, blind and visually impaired people who are taking their seats. The piece can begin. Or rather, the dance through one’s own body in a choreography of imagination. A...
Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud "DFS" © Hervé Véronèse Centre Pompidou

Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud


The dance floor burns red-hot when Jamaican dancehall clashes with European ballet in this new piece by the dazzling dream team, Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud. Musically speaking, the Kingston ...
Christian Rizzo / ICI-CCN Montpellier “ ad noctum" © Marc Coudrais

Christian Rizzo / ICI-CCN Montpellier

ad noctum

This duet draws all the senses into its spell. First, there is silence. Then the music starts and steadily increases in volume and intensity. As if driven by an invisible maelstrom, a woman and a man...
Christine Gaigg / 2nd nature "CLASH" © Karolina Miernik

Christine Gaigg / 2nd nature


Sexual orientation is a highly charged political issue even in “liberal” countries. In her performance installation, Christine Gaigg asks: “Why does repression still possess such explosive power?” She tak...
Christine Gaigg / 2nd nature "CLASH" © Karolina Miernik

Christine Gaigg / 2nd nature

fickt euch doch ins knie

A performance statement, developed on site for the mumok exhibition Woman, Feminist Avantgarde of the 70ies, to bring forward and make visible what easily gets lost in the density of the 300 exhibited...
Claire Vivianne Sobottke "strange songs" © Tian Rotteveel

Claire Vivianne Sobottke

strange songs

Dark angel or seductive siren? In her revue-like piece Claire Vivianne Sobottke creates “ambiguous body images in keeping with the times: nymph, Amazon, womanizer, punk and girlie, complemented by o...
[8:tension]  2017
Cie. Catheriene Diverres “Stance II & O Senseï" © Elian Bachini

Compagnie Catherine Diverrès

O Senseï & Stance II

Kazuo Ohno, the captivating master of Japanese butoh, will never be forgotten. Not least thanks to Catherine Diverrès. In 1997, when the choreographer – celebrated as a “queen” and a “diva” by French ...
Costas, Prokopova, Ochvat "It beats soft in the veins" © Martin Valentin Fuchs

Costas Kekis, Anna Prokopová & Petr Ochvat

It beats soft in the veins

The voice is produced and perceived through vibrations of the bodily organs and the air. And, so the perfromers inform us, it is precisely in that physical space that body, voice and language meet. In...
[8:tension]  2017
Dada Masilo / The Dance Factory "Swan Lake" © John Hogg

Dada Masilo / The Dance Factory

Swan Lake

The South African dancer and choreographer is without doubt one of the major artistic discoveries of recent years. In Swan Lake Dada and her 11 dancers manage to merge ballet romanticism with contemporary...
Dada Masilo / The Dance Factory "Giselle" © John Hogg

Dada Masilo / The Dance Factory


In her passionate interpretation of the Romantic ballet Giselle, acclaimed South African artist Dada Masilo shows what happens when mythological figures move from their original cultural context to another....
Daniel Aschwanden "Goldberg 365" © Helga Köcher

Daniel Aschwanden

Goldberg 365

Over a whole year long, Choreographer, performer and urban researcher Aschwanden danced his daily dance in the city of Vienna to the music of Bach. Now he does it one more time, in a place, where nothing...
Doris Uhlich "Seismic Night" © Peter Empl

Doris Uhlich

Seismic Night

Universal Dancer, Boom Bodies and Ravemachine – that is Doris Uhlich’s techno trilogy. The Danceweb mentor at ImPulsTanz 2017 and one of Austria’s most renowned choreographers combines the first and t...
Doris Uhlch "Seismic Session" © Boris Kopeinig

Doris Uhlich

Seismic Session

After having let her two successful pieces Universal Dancer and Ravemachine vibrate into each other in her Seismic Night in Odeon, choreographer and this year’s danceWEB mentor Doris Uhlich develops –...
Elina Maligina "The development of interdependence" © Artis Dzerve

Elina Maligina

The development of interdependence

The body, the love and the power of women are the poles around which Elina Maligina’s works revolve in ironic, grotesque and tender twists. Her female characters live, suffer and dance in a nowhere l...
Florentina Holzinger "Fight Club Dancehall Bolero" © Karolina Miernik

Florentina Holzinger

Fight Club Dancehall Bolero

Midway through the ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2017, Florentina Holzinger, Vienna’s most dazzling performance artist, will make quite an entrance: she’ll drive up into the courtyard of ...
François Chaignaud "Думи мої / Dumy Moyi" © Odile Bernard Schröder

François Chaignaud

Думи мої / Dumy Moyi

Fantastic formations of birds and feathers are towering over a face painted in sultry colours and glittery gloss. Elaborate costumes, naked skin and a high-rising wooden frame transform François Chaignaud’s bo...
Gaëtan Rusquet "We Were Moving..." © Paul McGee

Gaëtan Rusquet

As We Were Moving Ahead Occasionally We Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty (in process)

Bodies live and bodies on video, bodies in a live video – where are the boundaries between being inside and out? The performance envelops its audience like a media body whose pace is set by metronomic d...
[8:tension]  2017
Germaine Acogny "Somewhere at the Beginning" © Thomas Dorn

Germaine Acogny / Mikaël Serre

Somewhere at the Beginning

She opens her father’s book and reads the stories of her grandmother, a priestess from Dahomey, today’s Republic of Benin. A curtain of strings hangs between this world and the next on stage. On it,...
Hungry Sharks "Hidden in plain sight" © Erli Grünzweil

Hungry Sharks

Hidden in plain sight

Perfect dance, ingenious choreography and a cool rhythm – urban dance made in Austria conquers the theatre. The piece – inspired, among other things, by Zbigniew Rybczyński’s short film Tango – is a...
Ian Kaler "LIVFE" © Eva Würdinger

Ian Kaler


A dream of a flying lion who befriends a five-year-old boy and goes on adventurous travels with him is one of many memories of a fictional character, the protagonist in Ian Kaler’s new piece. The choreographer t...
Ich bin OK Dance Company "Getrennt Vereint" © Maria und Richard Kirchner

Ich bin O.K. Dance Company


The puzzles of life can be complicated or exciting or real challenges. Sometimes what it takes is encouragement and inspiration to meet the consistently unpredictable course of events with acceptance...
Ismael Ivo / Bibliteca do Corpo® "Oxygen" © Alvise Nicoletti

Ismael Ivo / Biblioteca do Corpo®


There is something that goes beyond environmental protection: a rational and emotional understanding of the extent to which all that is living on this planet is connected to its survival space. Ismael...
Ivo Dimchev "Avoiding deLIFEath" © Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev

Avoiding deLIFEath

For six days, Ivo Dimchev is going to explore seven of his favorite creative activities: teaching, writing, painting, writing songs, playing piano, giving concerts, filming music videos, giving interviews....
Jan Fabre / Troubleyn "Belgium Rules / Belgian Rules" © Wonge Bergmann

Jan Fabre

Belgian Rules / Belgium Rules

“Belgium is a country of surrealists,” says Jan Fabre and starts to sing a tongue-in-cheek anthem: “Oh beloved Belgium, oh (un)holy land of our fathers! Ceci n’est pas un pays.” This is not a country...
Jan Fabre "I am a Mistake" © Angelos bvb / Photo Stephan Vanfleteren

Jan Fabre

I am a Mistake

I am a Mistake A new solo performance For Jan Fabre, each solo performance is a self-portrait; a quest for the very soul of his schizophrenic self. With I am a mistake, he exposes the shortcomings of...
Jan Fabre Teaching Group "From Act to Acting" © Guido Mencari

Jan Fabre

I am blood – A medieval fairytale

During the masterclass, Jan Fabre and the Teaching Group-teachers (Ivana Jozic and Cedric Charron) will work with the participants towards a public presentation based on the text I am blood (a medieval...
João dos Santos Martins & cyriaque Villemaux "Autointitulado" © José Carlos Duarte

João dos Santos Martins & Cyriaque Villemaux


High-calibre dancers João Martins and Cyriaque Villemaux spent the summer in various dance studios all across Europe. It’s as if a whiff of Lisbon, Vienna or Barcelona was wafting through this piece, in...
[8:tension]  2017
Koffi Kôkô & Floros Floridis "Think About …" © Dieter Hartwig

Koffi Kôkô & Floros Floridis


They are both undeniable greats in their respective fields: one in dance, the other in music. When they come together before an audience to surprise each other artistically, then it’s bound to be an u...
Lisa Hinterreithner "Do-Undo" © Karolina Miernik

Lisa Hinterreithner mit Rotraud Kern


Perhaps a member of the audience will be gently wrapped in a blanket, thus becoming a “fixed piece” for a little while, maybe a piece of fabric will get a move on and one of the performers might jus...
Liz King "Out of Life" © Max Biskup

Liz King

Out of Life

One of the major questions in this piece concerns a fundamental issue under discussion: how does dance, having taken on so many facets over the years, position itself these days? Liz King, one of the...
LizArt Productions & toxic dreams "The Auditions" © Sandra Fockenberger

LizArt Productions & toxic dreams

THE AUDITION For the Role of Stephen Hawking in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING

A protagonist – Stephen Hawking, probably the most famous physicist in the world today, a popular movie about this solitary personality, and a fictitious casting studio for the role of the hero – thi...
Maria F. Scaroni "WALK+TALK" © Maria F. Scaroni

Maria F. Scaroni


The performance format walk+talk, which is as simple as it is ingenious, was devised by Viennese choreographer Philipp Gehmacher. Together with Gehamcher, choreographers have practised it very successfully...
Marie-Caroline Hominal "The Triumph of Fame" © MCH

Marie-Caroline Hominal

The Triumph of Fame

There may be a chair, a mirror and a loudspeaker. And, possibly, a stool and a carpet. And then: fame, reputation, prominence – most importantly, however, 15 intimate minutes alone, face to face, with h...
Mark Tompkins "Le Printemps" © Gilles Toutevoix

Mark Tompkins / La Cie. I.D.A.

Le Printemps

An imaginary country on a dreamed-up continent. There, fabrics, bodies and colours dance to the sounds of the oud, the Arab lute, and the singing of Palestinian musician Kamyla Jubran. US-French choreographer...
Marlene Monteiro Freitas with Andreas Merk "Jaguar" © Laurent Paillier

Marlene Monteiro Freitas with Andreas Merk


It used to be so exciting, so symbiotic and normal. But now it’s just a fitness ritual for worn out feelings. A man and a woman step out of the previous boundaries of their relationship and into a c...
Mårten Spångberg "Digital Technology" © Emilia Milewska

Mårten Spångberg

Digital Technology

Two dildos, a tower of coffee cups, a few bottles, a bunch of ice cream cones, a pyramid of oranges. A middle-aged man takes off his clothes. A film by James Benning projects clouds onto the wall, soft...
Mathilde Monnier & La Ribot "Gustavia" © Marc Coudrais

Mathilde Monnier & La Ribot


First of all, they pretend in a harlequinesque way that an abundance of tears is being shed: “Cry, brothers, cry!” Spanish-Swiss performer La Ribot announces: “As soon as the weeping stops, all that ...
Michael Laub / Remote Control Productions "Fassbinder, Faust and the Animists" © Emilia Milewska

Michael Laub / Remote Control Productions

Fassbinder, Faust and the Animists

A monster raises its head in the court of the muses of Weimar Classicism, in which Faust once danced with Gretchen and Mephistopheles in the first part of Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s tragedy. The name o...
Navaridas & Deutinger "Pontifex" © Clara Wildberger

Navaridas & Deutinger


Is the current pope a pop star? The first one named “Francis”, he is the 265th successor to Peter on the Holy See, and he definitely knows how to play the media like a fiddle. His tweets in nine lan...
Ola Maciejewska "BOMBYX MORI" © Martin Argyroglo

Ola Maciejewska


She went all out at all times: Loïe Fuller, the early avantgardist and inventor of the “serpentine dance”. Last year, Stéphanie Di Giusto made an impressive film about her life called La Danseuse. Chore...
[8:tension]  2017
Oleg Soulimenko with Alfredo Barsuglia & Jasmin Hoffer "LOSS" © Katalin Erdödi

Oleg Soulimenko with Alfredo Barsuglia & Jasmin Hoffer


A trio generates eerie rustling sounds, hidden revelations and inflated sculptures, fully aware that each moment banishes the previous one to the Orcus of its interpretation. Together with visual artist...
Oneka von Schrader "Panda Express" © Nellie de Boer

Oneka von Schrader

Panda Express

A tea ceremony serves as a metaphor in this clever, exciting and profound examination of today’s theatre as a place of promise, enticement, surprise and danger. Three women and one man playfully use o...
[8:tension]  2017
Peter Pleyer "The Ponderosa Trilogy" © Michiel Keuper

Peter Pleyer

The Ponderosa Trilogy

He once dreamed he was the son of Steve Paxton and Robert Rauschenberg, Peter Pleyer recounts. Having a pronounced penchant for stories, crocheting and dance improvisation, he devotes himself and his...

Philipp Gehmacher

Die Dinge der Welt

“The title is a challenge, a presumption and overtaxation,” Philipp Gehmacher acknowledges. Because “the things of the world cannot be grasped.” Moreover, they are not just objects but situations and con...
Pierre Coulibeuf "Doctor Fabre Will Cure You" by Pierre Coulibeuf © Regards Productions

Pierre Coulibeuf

Doctor Fabre Will Cure You (2013)

Doctor Fabre Will Cure You is an experimental fiction by visual artist and avant-garde filmmaker Pierre Coulibeuf, which is centered around the artist Jan Fabre. The film work is hereby based on diverse...
Rachel Young "OUT" © Marcus Hessenberg

Rachael Young created and performed with Dwayne Antony


OUT is all about the bloody effort it takes to fit in. In this case: to be black enough, straight enough, Jamaican enough... In their intelligent performance Rachael Young and dancer Dwayne Antony not...
[8:tension]  2017
Raimund Hoghe "La Valse" © Rosa-Frank

Raimund Hoghe

La Valse

A waltz says more than a thousand words, and the fine collection of waltz music that German choreographer Raimund Hoghe has compiled for this piece is like a performance novel about all the emotions...
Raimung Hoghe "Lettere amorose, 1999 - 2017" © Luca Giacomo Schulte

Raimund Hoghe

Lettere amorose, 1999 - 2017

Who remembers Yaguine Koïta and Fodé Tounkara, two teenagers who died of cold on a flight from Guinea to Europe as stowaways in 1999? Raimund Hoghe does, in his deeply moving solo from the same year. H...
Roland Rauschmeier "Consumption As A Cause of Coming Into Being" © Emilia Milewska

Roland Rauschmeier with Alex Bailey

Consumption As A Cause Of Coming Into Being

In the psycho-dramatic chamber play Consumption As A Cause Of Coming Into Being, tragedy and comedy are having an disastrous affair. Based on the occurrences of a cannibal act in the German town of Rotenburg...
Salva Sanchis "Radical Light" © Bart Grietens

Salva Sanchis

Radical Light

A direct, multifaceted and unadulterated dance, in which the choreographer from Spain combines the experience of dancing with its formal aspects to intensely pulsating music. Salva Sanchis and his four...
Salva Sanchis & Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas “A Love Supreme" © Herman Sorgeloos

Salva Sanchis & Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas

A Love Supreme

John Coltrane’s superb musical creed A Love Supreme from 1965 is “a milestone in 20th-century music,” says Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. And the brilliant tenor saxophonist (1926–1967) modestly remarke...
Samira Elagoz “Cock, cock..Who's There" © Samira Elagoz

Samira Elagoz

Cock, Cock.. Who's There?

Cock, Cock.. Who’s There? is an amazing documentary performance about violence and intimacy. Samira Elagoz takes us along on a personal research project across three continents – to online platforms and...
[8:tension]  2017
Simon Mayer "Sons of Sissy" © Rania Moslam

Simon Mayer

Sons of Sissy

Adapted for blind and partially sighted Four perky lads in fetching and queer traditional costume start yodelling and proceed to ironically deconstruct folk dance. At times, they dispense with their...
Simon Mayer "SunBengSitting" © Florian Rainer

Simon Mayer


Simon Mayer’s artistic roots range from rural folk culture to the Wiener Staatsballett through to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s educational institution P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. SunBengSitting (“sun bench...

Simone Aughterlony & Jen Rosenblit

Everything Fits In The Room

Dungeon-esque encounters and ordinary domestic lingering exercise a politic that comes with care taking, danger and amnesia. Aughterlony and Rosenblit alongside Gutierrez and Self on sound, maintain...
Superamas "Vive l'Armée!" © Michaël Troivaux


Vive l'Armée!

In a derailed future version of France, democracy is a thing of the past. But there are still some rebels left, fighting against the regime. The latter’s high society indulges in a fashion show in t...
Takao Kawaguchi "About Kazuo Ohno" © Takuya Matsumi

Takao Kawaguchi

About Kazuo Ohno

He was the cherry blossom of Japanese butoh, a poet and lyricist, who made the “dance of darkness” appear in a dreamy light: Kazuo Ohno, who still danced when he was 100 years old. Takao Kawaguchi, for...
Paara / Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company "The Kamshet Project" © Shrirang Swarge / Ajit Raut

Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company

The Kamshet Project

Terence Lewis is one of India’s most well-known choreographers and dancers. For ten years now, he has been teaching Bollywood workshops at ImPulsTanz and in doing so, has brought Indian joie de vivre t...
Vera Tussing "The Palm of YOur Hand #2" © Alessandra Rocchetti

Vera Tussing

The Palm of Your Hand #2

Adapted for blind and partially sighted Touches can be very enlightening. In her contribution to The Humane Body project, which acquaints blind and visually impaired people with the concepts of performance...
Volmir Cordeiro "L’œil la bouche et le reste" © Alain Monot

Volmir Cordeiro

The eye the mouth and the rest

Adapted for blind and partially sighted How does it dance, our “obsessive fear of what we cannot see”? Why is the eye more than it seems, for example “a tool to explore what’s inside, hidden, prehuma...
Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez "Mockumentary of a Contemporary Saviour" © Danny Willems

Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez

Mockumentary of a Contemporary Saviour

Only seven are saved. They are from Asia, Russia, the Arab world, America, England, Italy and Liège in Wallonia, and have survived the destruction of the habitable world in a kind of shelter. Belgian ...


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