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François Ceccaldi

composer, graphic artist, musician accompanist, percussionist ...
As proteiform creator, Ceccaldi François has a very personal approach to writing and creation. He does not want to choose between music and the visual arts and part of the postulate that each discipline feeds the other.
For 20 years, he has had a special relationship with dance, composes for many companies and acts as a musician-accompanist specialized in the music-dance relationship, notably at the Conservatoire de Montpellier, at Epse Danse, during national and international courses. (Bolzano Danza) Among the many choreographers and pedagogues with whom he collaborated or found regularly we can mention among others: Anne Marie Porras, Rita Quaglia, Isabelle Hernandez, Jean-Pierre Alvarez, Leonardo Montecchia, Gianluca Girolami , Jennifer Mann, Sharon Booth, Esther Balfe ....
Traditional and contemporary drums (zarb, darbuka, tablas, jenbé, frame drums, garrahand, ...) are his instrumental base. He cleverly integrates them into his productions and his accompaniments to other harmonic instruments and to the most recent technologies such as loopers, computer control surfaces and interfaces, which gives him a vast range of possibilities and sounds. ...
His sensitivity to movement, his ability to "catch" dance and become his accomplice allow to collaborate with great freedom of creativity and make his aesthetic unclassifiable. Since 2002, he has managed the Out Of Tune hybrid creation structure. The collection of his 3 cd's "The Dance (Inside)" conceived as musical creations but also intended for dance classes and workshops reflects a part of this specific artistic approach and gives to hear its particular musical signature.
He also creates graphic and video creations for the live show, and personal artistic productions in the field of plastic arts and video-mapping.
Currently we can see it and hear it with the post-rock musical project "Ceccal & Zolla" and the creation of Magma Collectif 2018, mixing text and live music while listening to the headphones « Mon rouge aux joues » de Sandrine Roche.

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