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Ian Kaler
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Ian Kaler (DE/AT)

Ian Kaler studied Transmedial Arts in Vienna and graduated from the pilot study programme Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography at the higher educational Centre for Dance at the College of Fine Arts, Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin). Since 2010, he has been developing choreographic series that are accompanied by (visual) media works and in exchange with different artists.

Between 2015 and 2019 he worked on his choreographic series o.T. of which the first o.T. | (the emotionality of the jaw) was premiered in 2015 at Tanzquartier Vienna and marked the first collaboration with the music producer Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock. The second piece – o.T. | (gateways to movement) – in which Philipp Gehmacher performed as a guest together with Kaler and Rostron, premiered at ImPulsTanz 2015 and has been shown a.o. at Frankfurt LAB, Deutsche Tanzplattform in March 2016. The third part  – (Incipient Futures) – with guest performer Stéphane Peeps Moun (who also created the costumes for this piece) and the musician Joy Leah Joseph on Live Percussion, premiered at Tanzquartier Vienna in 2016. The last part of this series – RAW PRACTICE – is a more intimate practice format of Rostron and Kaler and has been shown in revised versions in Bukarest, Stockholm and at ImPulsTanz 2019.

Two of his video-installations Me becoming myself (unfinished) created in 2016 and Shifting the burden, created in collaboration with Anne Quyrinen in 2014, have been shown at Leopoldmuseum in the frame of ImPulsTanz 2016. The group piece SCREENS as commissioned work in the frame of Calibrate for 16 graduated Austrian dance students premiered at Tanzquartier Vienna in 2016. In 2017 the works of the o.T. series toured in Europe, Mexico and Columbia, whereas Ian Kaler lead accompanying workshops about his practice at some of the venues.

LIVFE – the first piece of a new choreographic work series, in which choreography and dance are combined with (spoken) text and acting scenes, as well as live music and live video – was premiered as part of ImPulsTanz 2017, a revised version at HAU1 Hebbel am Ufer was to be seen in Berlin 2018.

The premiere of ON THE CUSP, Kaler's first choreography for 16 dancers of the Cullbergbaletten, took place in the Tanzquartier Wien in January 2019.
In parallel, Kaler worked as a choreographic director and performer with Planningtorock at Rostron's musical show Powerhouse, the premiere took place in Berlin's Berghain club in May 2019, an extended version premiered at ImPulsTanz in summer 2019; as a solo show, Powerhouse was among others shown at the Southbank Center in London.

Analogous to his choreographic series, Ian Kaler develops workshops that function as research formats – for ImPulsTanz, the Tanzquartier Wien, DOCH School for Dance and Circus Stockholm, the Cullbergbaletten, the Escuela Profesional de Danza in Mazatlán and the University of Sonora in Mexico. In addition to workshops that he gives for professional dancers with mixed abilities, he teaches his practice for participants with other (artistic) backgrounds.

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Ian Kaler


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