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Artist Archive

Judith Stehlig
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Claudia Bosse (AT/DE)

Claudia Bosse is a choreographer, artist and the artistic director of the transdisciplinary company theatercombinat. After completing her studies in directing at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch Berlin, she developed international spatial choreographic work, theatre with choirs, urban interventions as well as ‘political hybrids’ that are accessible to audiences, settings specific to space and defined by a varied use of media. In most of her work, she works together with mixed ensembles of laypersons, performers, actors and actresses and dancers on all-around artistic works with and without dramatic texts. She teaches, holds lectures, publishes, initiates or participates in research projects and is involved in on-going collaborations with artists and theorists of different backgrounds, especially with the composer Günther Auer. She examines (urban) spaces as textures for choreographic material and poetic subversions.

Currently in the works, "thyestes brüder! capital" is a piece that marries theatre with choir and looks at the anatomy of language in texts by Seneca and Marx. The piece will premiere in September 2019 in Düsseldorf, followed by Vienna. Claudia is further working on a version of "the last IDEAL PARADISE" to be performed in Jakarta, Indonesia in February 2020, as well as on "dialogue on difference" performance together with Abdalla Darf for the d-caf Festival, Cairo, the Theater = A Must Festival, Alexandria (EG) and the Kosmos Theater Wien in 2019.

Developed since 2017, her most recent works include „the last IDEAL PARADISE” for the Tanzplattform Deutschland 2018 in Essen, "168 Stunden (a tribute to daily life and Franz Erhard Walther)" – a week-long performance in public spaces in Vienna, „POEMS of the DAILY MADNESS” – a musical comedy together with the composer Günther Auer, Festival favoriten 2018 and Wien 2017, „WITNESSING OF THE TREES” for the Museo da Imigração in São Paulo (BR), 2018, "EXPLOSION der STILLE – a silent chorus", a performative monument with a 100 participants in public space, 2017, the installation-procession "REENACTING THE ARCHIVE – part 1" and the noise-happening "VzV,vK! / REENACTING THE ARCHIVE – part 2" – both with Günther Auer as part of the multi-week research project with FFT in Düsseldorf, 2017/2018, "APPLIED POETICS IN URBAN SPACE" with the urban curators Kiev, in Kiev, Charkiv and Vienna, 2017/2018, as well as IDEAL PARADISE between 2015–2018 (Donaufestival 2015, FFT Düsseldorf, explore Festival Bukarest, Tanzquartier Wien, Weltmuseum Wien, ImPulsTanz Festival et al.), a series on postcolonial questions, within which Claudia Bosse develops different formats, using installations, performance, urban interventions etc. These are combined with (archival) documents, objects, choreographies, texts and spaces to form a dramaturgy that unfolds in space.
All productions, choreographies, works, collaborations and cooperations are documented on her websites (see below).

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