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Ambra Vernuccio
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Jean Abreu

Thinking (e)motion

Jean Abreu’s movement practice comes from his on-going interest in utilizing the body as a powerful tool to articulate arresting emotional and complex ideas through dance.

Jean Abreu’s work derives from a wide-range of dance languages, intertwining references from contemporary dance with his Brazilian dance influences, which are part of his early years in dance training (such as the grounded fluidity of Capoeira or the rhythmical richness of Samba).

However instead of merely passing on techniques, Jean’s teaching is more focused on the thinking and decision process that accompanies the movements. His methodology encourages dances artists to search for movement impulses that are urgent and necessary and that are coming from a primal and necessary origin, moving away from pre-made movement structures, broadening the spectrum of possibilities that the body can offer.

His movement practice and workshop are designed to help participants to develop their ability to listen to their body’s sensorial impulses, fully focused on the continuous process of making choices, on the spot decision making, as performers, dancers and social beings.

Choreographic patterns and movement qualities are driven by a clear set of roles and precise instructions, previously discussed and agreed with the group. In this shared movement and choreographic ‘making’, dance artists will develop their critical and analytical thinking in a process of accumulation of movement qualities, ideas, textures and sensations.

Body in motion = conceptual idea + e-motion.


ArtistBio: Jean Abreu
Workshopoverview 2019
Week1: 15. Jul - 19. Jul 2019


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