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Ian Kaler & Planningtorock aka Jam Rostron

Shared Practice 

Ian Kaler and Jam Rostron have been developing a unique shared practice since 2015. Their joint practice is intuitive, vulnerable, profound and humorous transforming and spanning from choreography to music production/composition.

In the two-day workshop we will explore a basic presence exercise as a subtle build-up of awareness for the space we are in and the bodies we share it with, connecting the visual and spatial with the somatic, fine-tuning our perception individually and as a group. On a sonic and musical level we will connect with our voice(s) and vocal folds. We will build simple (acoustic) vocal loops as Solos and in groups and play with the given range of vocal diversity that each individual brings. From there we will go into practicing jam-sessions adding layers and finding a range of real-time decision making in moving, performing, being present and sounding. During the sessions we will have space for exchange and reflection.

The workshop is aiming at people/bodies with a queer sensitivity and openness to explore a range of very subtle to perhaps more bold and un_controlled (not as in going-crazy but as being okay with not knowing) introspection: output. You don't need to have any dance training or have any singing skills or have ever sung before. Bring shoes to work with.

Please apply via email with a short statement, CV and photos for this workshop.

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ArtistBio: Planningtorock aka Jam Rostron
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Intensive2: 27. Jul + 28. Jul 2019


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