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Sven Hagolani
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Jess Curtis

Audio Description Training

Audio Description (AD) provides blind and visually impaired people with access to the visual elements – action, costumes, settings, gestures, facial expressions, objects and other visually communicative elements – of e.g. theatre, dance or live art performances, television/film screenings, museum exhibitions. Audio Description (AD) is usually a live audio track spoken by a professional Audio Describer to patrons with visual impairments through a wireless headset system, but the service may also be pre-recorded. Clear and engaging descriptions of the meaningful visual details of a performance that might otherwise be inaccessible to audience members with visual impairments are provided.

Jess has held workshops for performers, dancers and actors. Ideally participants have good verbal/vocal skills, are familiar with dance, theatre and performance in general and are comfortable with improvisationally describing live performance in real time without a set script.

The facilities at Arsenal Workshop Centre are ADA accessible. People of diverse physicalities are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you have questions regarding access or require specific accommodations please feel free to contact either Jess or ImPulsTanz.

PLEASE NOTE: this workshop is offered on a pay-as-you-wish-principle – "you pay what you can or consider to be fair". The payment is made exclusively in person at the ImPulsTanz Workshop Office at MuseumsQuartier or at the Arsenal (our cancellation policy also applies to this workshop).

ArtistBio: Jess Curtis
Workshopoverview 2019
Week3: 29. Jul - 02. Aug 2019
Intensive3: 03. Aug + 04. Aug 2019


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