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Marcus Koppen
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Archie Burnett


Back to the 70ies!

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"I was not allowed to go out and dance except at school so the television became my teacher. We didn't have YouTube then and I wasn't allowed to travel so I had to catch what I could in that one hour Soul Train show every Saturday. I watched the show on the sneak! That's how I got hooked into Waacking. This was the dance I loved but nobody did it here. This was strictly a West Coast Dance from L.A.

I met Tyrone Proctor, a Soul Train Dancer in 1980 then, Shabba-Doo in 2001, then Ana Sanchez in 2007 and Toni Basil in 2009. This dance scene was a social gathering in the seventies and eighties. I continued with Waacking until today.

In this class we will emphasise on rhythm, organic musicality, emotional connectivity, self awareness and being in the moment.

Waacking has its roots in the nightclubs of the 1970ies. The club is a lifestyle not a pastime. Life is the Club."


ArtistBio: Archie Burnett
Workshopoverview 2019
Intensive3: 03. Aug + 04. Aug 2019
Week4: 05. Aug - 09. Aug 2019


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