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Marcus Koppen
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Archie Burnett


Strike a pose!

urbanative package

"In 1980 I was introduced to Vogue by accident. I met Willie Ninja in Washington square park after coming from the LOFT, (Club founded by David Mancuso). We all back then just danced in the street after the party was over Sunday afternoon. David Mancuso took me to my first Gay Club. The dancing was real electric and I said to myself: 'I gotta learn this shit!'. And I've been Vogueing ever since.

Life is the Club. The Club in my day was the safe haven for all us 'misfits' that just didn't fit in society's mould. I was fortunate to realise that you can be 'In' the scene, but not 'Of' the scene. All urban Dance is important and relevant. It is the voice of today's youth as it was generations before. Because it is real, it will have real perils if one doesn't pay attention. My quest, so to speak, is to share a little of my life with you and hope that one will enjoy the beauty of being connected in the spirit of being free.

The focus of this class will be on proper posture, correct body vocabulary, motivation (meaning indivdual characterisations), the control of being in the moment, and organic musicality. I will introduce old way vogue (male vogue), new way vogue (beginner) and vogue femme (beginner)."

Voguing is a style developed in the 1980ies and is characterised by poses, similar to the ones of photo model poses with some influences from the Harlem ballrooms of the 1930ies. Characteristics are formation of lines, symmetry, and precision in the execution of such formations and graceful, fluid-like action. Since the founding of Vogue Evolution in 2008 in New York, Voguing became very popular.

ArtistBio: Archie Burnett
Workshopoverview 2019
Intensive3: 03. Aug + 04. Aug 2019
Week4: 05. Aug - 09. Aug 2019


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