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Juan Jesus Guiraldi

Movimiento Constante

We of Movimiento Constante, have started a quest, driven by sharing not only our movement practices, which link several dance techniques and languages (body, sound, visual), but also our interest in the particularities of each region's movements, traces of identity within each culture that come clear through every person and every way of conceiving the world and the body. These questions have taken us to many cities and provinces within Argentina (Buenos Aires, Santa Fé, Entre Ríos, Mendoza, Jujuy, Formosa, Córdoba, Bahía Blanca, Tierra del Fuego, Salta) and also many countries of the world (Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Perú, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Ireland, Austria).

We think it is fundamental for movement researchers to keep questioning and expanding the experiences in order to share our processes and be a part of others as well.

The workshop aims to approach from different artistic perspectives, the concepts of space and time related to movement according to the possibilities that each language and body allows.

Our body's possibilities are endless.

We propose a state of constant creation, experimentation, in which every experience there's a time, a shape, an activity. This is the reason why improvisation will be the main axis of the class. Our personal universe will be the mean to experiment.

We'll bring different movement languages such as contemporary, urban, natural (Parkour), circus and folk movements to develop and enrich the individual research.

We propose the registration of the actions and reactions that come out of each experience inside the workshop.

MOVIMIENTO CONSTANTE is presence, construction, destruction, relation, production, it is a democratic state of the body.

ArtistBio: Juan Jesus Guiraldi
Workshopoverview 2018
Week1: 16. Jul - 20. Jul 2018


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