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This Workshop features live music by Mieko Suzuki

Can we rewire, reset, re-imagine our moving dancing practices? What is urgent when we move? What is sheer habit? What needs to be discarded ? What invoked? Is it still possible as improvisers to let go of all expectations and meet in an unknown space real or imagined?

With pure acceptance and sharp eyes we will look at what moves us now and through an eclectic set of tools and collectively raise the energetic vibration of our dancing bodies. What if we move from this place all the time? From this vibrational field, what information appears? Can we tune and align into the synchronicities and frequencies of other bodies, groups, natures and cosmologies? Expanded playful visualisations and choreographic investigations of recent work will be reframed as a new set of exercises and starting points to explore alone and together. A shifting focus will be on the poetic, conditions for alchemic transformation, surrendering to the uncomfortable and the ecstatic.

While all workshops at Arsenal are free-booking workshops, this workshop is an exemption: Meg Stuart will chose the participants of this workshop. It is therefore impossible to reserve a slot for ImPulsTanz Club Card holders. This leads to another exemption: while there are no waiting lists for all other ImPulsTanz workshops, there is one for this workshop, so please don’t hold back expressing your interest.

MIEKO SUZUKI  (DE/JP) is a DJ, sound artist and music curator based in Berlin. In her experimental DJ sets she creates unique sonic textures that mix drones and compressed beats with field recordings and spoken word. Suzuki manipulates her sound material in real time with feedback loops, scratches and a wide array of effects pedals. Her recent gigs incl. A L’ARME! Festival (Radialsystem Berghain, Berlin), Raster-Index (Berghain), Dave Festival (Dresden), GEGENkino (ifz, Leipzig), Labor Sonor (KuLe, Berlin) and Ausland (Berlin).

Suzuki has also been involved in many crossdisciplinary collaborations, amongst others with Meg Stuart (City Lights – a continuous gathering, 2016, Celestial Sorrow, 2018), fashion designer Tatsuro Horikawa (JULIUS), artist Barbara Raes (Unacknowledged Loss, 2017) and Maria F. Scaroni (On Air, Gropius Bau, 2018). Since 2009, Suzuki has been running her own bi-monthly, multidisciplinary event KOOKOO, together with Arno Raffeiner at OHM gallery in Berlin.

ArtistBio: Meg Stuart
Workshopoverview 2018
Week1: 16. Jul - 20. Jul 2018
Intensive1: 21. Jul + 22. Jul 2018


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