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Ákos Hargitay

BodyParkour: The Cube

Locomotion, Balance, Power and Flow

Our body and the scaffold CUBE is the ultimate obstacle for dance, Parkour and for functional fitness.

"The idea was born eight years ago, when I was working on my first supported full-length evening performance in Austria. The piece was about Parkour and Freerunning. In this piece we used a system scaffold, which is a kind of tool that Traceurs (Parkour sport people) use typically in open air spaces. The shape we built was a cube and it was quite a challenge to assemble. We had to learn how to do that during the process. It turned out just to hold and construct this cube we needed power, coordination and collaboration with each other, a networking to be able to build it together. Each element is made of iron and therefor has quite some weight so we played with these elements, finding functional movements like balancing, jumping, crawling, sliding, spinning with and around the scaffold. The movements and patterns we found are beyond Parkour and dance. This simple tool offers full body awareness and strength."

Let’s get back to our nature, to our animal locomotion and babyhood movements, back to our childhood roots and experiences! Let’s discover the magic of spirals, natural, fluid and easy acrobatic locomotion, get inspired and eventually get healthier and happier on earth ;-)

This class is for all levels.

Please bring comfortable simple sport shoes, possible with flat sole, supporting the barefoot feeling but still protecting your feet.

Bodyparkour® teaching and performing method is pioneering a hybrid movement form (animal & human locomotion, Tricking, Breaking, Parkour, contemporary, Contact Improvisation and Partnering).

ArtistBio: Ákos Hargitay
Workshopoverview 2018
Week1: 16. Jul - 20. Jul 2018
Week4: 06. Aug - 10. Aug 2018



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