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Jeremy Wade

Articulating Disorientation

Dancing with your eyes closed and letting impulses, scores, and filters do you

As a student at S.N.D.O, I was obsessed with movement exploration but became wary of the normative and "natural" formulations often associated with somatic practices. Via a daily studio practice with the influence of Gonnie Heggen, Frans Poelstra and years of working one on one with the artist and irreverent dance witch Yvonne Meyer in my living room at Chez Bushwick, I began to develop a process called Articulating Disorientation: a deconstructive approach to somatic forms like Ideokinesis, Skinner Releasing and Authentic Movement. The term Authentic Movement makes my skin crawl, so I prefer Dancing With Your Eyes Closed because authentic is mostly good for selling shit like handbags. AD places a queer perspective on sites of normalisation and "productivity enhancement" by using the virtuosic and transformative capacities of somatic practices to render queer agency through simultaneous surrender and command of the impulse via body scanning. AD systematically navigates "all available means" to surrender control of the physical, emotional and normative behavioural body whilst scanning, directing and deconstructing experience through the hyper-specificity of impulse/response. It is a practice of letting impulses, images, sensations and anatomic frames (real or not) move the body. Simply, the practice assists dancers in finding their dance, according to their own bodies and on their terms, no essentialism required. I have taught this workshop all over the place since 2009 and it is one of the cornerstones of my practice as a performer and performance maker.

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