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Jonathan Meiri
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Tunc Leech Uysaler

urbanative package


Self-chosen challenges

Parkour is the art of efficient locomotion. Body and mind are used to overcome obstacles and face self-chosen challenges. The focus is not on spectacular achievements but on individual process. The workshop facilitates to experience Parkour on the own body.

The workshop starts with simple exercises to gain coenaesthesia and body control. We will engage in questions such as: how do I run? How do I jump? How do I land? How do I coordinate movement sequences?

Precision jumps (land precisely from A to B), jumps integrating the arms (how to jump towards a wall and how to develop the right grip), cat jumps and techniques for the surpassing of walls will be introduced. Through this training, which should be practised regularly and repeatedly, the body gains control to the extent of full physical and mental freedom in movement.

Parkour is based on repetition of simple exercises. None of the participants will leave as a master of Parkour, but as long as one repeats the exercises one will gain strength and will improve.

There is no „goal“ as such. No precognition is required; Parkour is the art of locomotion. Each one of us is doing it one way or the other. Most people choose the way of the social principles and use predetermined routes. Through this training you will gain a different view on what is possible.

"My motivation behind Parkour is definitely the joy of free movement through the city and my whole environment. To bring body and mind under control in a balanced way is a privilege in our nowadays society. As long as TV, Internet and the entertainment industry exist, people will still need more time to understand how important we are."

ArtistBio: Tunc Leech Uysaler
Workshopoverview 2017
Week2: 24. Jul - 28. Jul 2017


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