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Stefan Sietzen
© Stefan Sietzen

Sascha "CIONN" Hauser

urbanative package

Parkour & Freerunning

A school for life!

“Life is paved with many obstacles that must be overcome, so you can certainly transfer those skill locomotion art forms to the usual walk of life.”

Parkour refers to a mode of locomotion, which aim is to move as efficiently as possible from point A to point B, using only the capabilities of the own body. The Parkour Runner (French: le traceur = "the one who draws a line") determines his/her own path through the urban or natural space in an alternative way, which is dictated by architecture and culture. The goal is to overcome appearing obstacles as efficiently as possible by combining various movements, focusing on flow and control of movement. Parkour is often called the "art of moving efficiently".

Freerunning is not synonymous with Parkour, but a discipline on its own, whereas the techniques overlap in parts with the ones of Parkour.

Freerunning means to move in any environment. The movement should not be means to an end but an end in itself, that is: the moving itself is the focus. You move the body in a creative way, whereas you can make use of the complete obstacle-paved environment without any restrictions. In Freerunning, the whole body should be always in motion. Efficiency, the principle of Parkour, is not a priority.

The repertory of movements in Freerunning is subject to no structure, no boundaries, it is constantly expanded by the creativity of its practitioners. Acrobatic elements from gymnastics, breakdance, or even from the dance are used as inspirations and adopted, adapting techniques to the obstacle-paved urban environment.

ArtistBio: Sascha "CIONN" Hauser
Workshopoverview 2017
Week1: 17. Jul - 21. Jul 2017


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