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Christine Ebenthal
© Christine Ebenthal

Paul Wenninger

Tai Ki Kung / San Feng

Inner freedom and creative potential

Tai Ki Kung / San Feng is a not as well known and unique Tai Chi form from South China. The fundamental practice consists of two forms: the father and the mother form. The father form is divided in two parts: the "nine small heavens" focusing on the joints, which are important energetic centres in the body and the "nine palaces", which combine the work on breathing, balance and the principle of grounding.

These two main forms stem from a 5000 year old Tao-in style. The mother form consists of eight trigrams in the hands and five elements in the feet. It integrates the theoretical base of the Chi-circulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The mother form is equivalent to the thirteen basic forms in Tai Chi.

The principles of fullness and emptiness as well as breath and grounding are central themes in this workshop. This practice aids detecting and change old movement patterns and postural habits, find a deep inner freedom and unfold creative potential. Other benefits are: a change of quality in the tendons, a gain of freedom in the joints, muscles are strengthened and the synergy of organs is stimulated. This releases blockages, which enhances and re-enables the flow of energy in the body.

ArtistBio: Paul Wenninger
Workshopoverview 2017
Week1: 17. Jul - 21. Jul 2017


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