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Koray Akten
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Ziya Azazi

Dervish Tango

Spinning with partner is absolutely a great opportunity to discover the reflexes and behaviours of the shallow ME while communicating. Constantly contacting our partner in different forms causes unexpected emotions/thoughts/manners, which might help to discover new things about the deeper ME, of course as long as we see all of them as signals for better, more efficient or healthier placement. Carrying or being carried is the fundamental action of our social reality! Experiencing it physically affects also the mind and the emotions. This might lead us to new coordinates in space, to harmonious rhythm in time and healthier being in life. Reaching the blurry state of the spinning world with a partner means having an abstract adventure while journeying together. There is much bigger mental/emotional/physical plasticity in "Dervish Tango" than we might think!


This workshop suggests a space for the participants or couples where they can challenge their limits through whirling, stimulate their ability for the thrift of bodily energy, and through these abilities reach their goal movement within their own genre, spending less energy, with a higher level of awareness. Whirling is not the main objective of this workshop. The greater goal is to improve one’s physical, emotional and mental awareness through whirling and the exercises prior to that. It leads the participants to perceive and accept what is befalling throughout whirling, and reach an innovative movement by means of whirling.


The workshop consists of the following steps:

Warm Up: Stretching and breathing in order to enhance concentration preparing the body and mind to gain strength to push mental and physical limits.

Awareness: This step includes floor work, body part and upside down exercises, basic acrobatics and improvisation in various levels. It aims to strengthen the awareness of senses and systems in preparation for meeting the unknown arrangements to be encountered while whirling.

Whirling: Further developments of physical, emotional and mental awareness are to be obtained in this step. Whirling first starts at vertical level. At the further steps repetitive movements are to be experienced at both vertical and horizontal levels. This step helps the participants to feel and record the conditions of their perception of space and body; thus the awareness improves. This is a step where the participants in various aspects confront conditions that are not usual or accustomed. By accepting the unknown, the knowledge concerning awareness and ability for the thrift of bodily energy will expand.

Dervish Tango: Here participants can start to spin in couples and experience what it means being with someone. In the extraordinary state of the spinning world, being in couple changes once again all perceptions about being in dialogue. There we start seeing clearly our intuitive and decided habits about our personality in relationships and thus get the chance to refine, change and improve them.

ArtistBio: Ziya Azazi
Workshopoverview 2017
Week4: 07. Aug - 11. Aug 2017


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