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Samuel Draper
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Pavle Heidler

The Process of Materialisation of Fiction

The Process of Materialisation of Fiction is: a developing answer to a continual questioning – and is: a self-reflective dance practice. This practice studies the ability of the individual's nervous system to translate information (back and forth) between the "felt", "sensed", "imagined", "immaterial" and the "materialised", "physicalised", "moved", "spoken" – in other words "performed".

In as much as the "felt" and "sensed" etc. is "inwardly oriented", functioning in the realm of "intimate" or "internal dialogue", so is the "materialised" and "physicalised" "outwardly oriented" – in other words "performed", or made visible to the scrutinising gaze of the public eye. With the participants of this workshop I am to look at the specific relationships formed between internal motivators and equivalent performatives in an attempt to understand the relation between: the intimate and the public; or between: the intended and the communicated – always within a specific context. Studied will be examples drawn from individual participant's personal experiences.

The work is intended for those who have to work quickly, and transition frequently between aesthetic environments and organisational structures. It is also intended for those who love a good challenge; or are interested in nuanced articulation and precise execution.

Some of the topics that will be encountered during the work week are: gender theory and theory of performativity/ language, communication and the production of meaning/ systems of valorisation (oppression + order/chaos)/ relationality (history-present, reality-fiction)/ the notion of scale, in psycho-somatic and socio-political terms/ the value of thinking contextually/ and psychology of consequence.

ArtistBio: Pavle Heidler
Workshopoverview 2017


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