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Eleanor Bauer
© Eleanor Bauer

Eleanor Bauer


What are the poetics of our bodies dancing? What kinds of language can emerge from our efforts to translate dance-thinking into language-thinking? If a dance could talk, what would it say? In this workshop we will dance dance dance and write write write, accumulating through practice an embodied discourse and poetics from within the perspective of the dancing bodymind. Observing and articulating what happens when we dance, how we make sense, how we coordinate and navigate the layers of thought through movement, how attention, imagination, memory, reference, ideas, impulses, intuition, sensation, effort, weight, momentum, distraction, awareness, focus, and more weave and intersect, how fantasies and realities expand and contract in, around and through our thinking bodies, we will work to give words to the experience of dancing. What happens with those words afterward – as poetry, choreography, documentation or reflection – is all fair game. Consider this a beginning, an opened can of worms, a tantalising paradox most certainly not to be resolved in a single weekend.

ArtistBio: Eleanor Bauer
Workshopoverview 2017
Intensive1: 22. Jul + 23. Jul 2017
Week2: 24. Jul - 28. Jul 2017


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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