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Bruno Caverna
© Bruno Caverna

Bruno Caverna

Liquid Body – Dancing Like Water

An end to blockages, knots and tensions!

Liquid body is a flowing practice that proposes the deconstruction of acquired, dysfunctional movement patterns by rewiring the nervous system for adaptability, resilience and prowess. The key premises are that the architecture of the human body is a heritage of oceanic origins, and that inappropriate interactions with the gravitational force favour unconscious accumulations of tensions and knots stored in the physical bodies during the ageing process.

By reconsidering the habitual interactive patterns towards gravity, Liquid-Body invites us all to engage our physical locomotive system in most efficient and effortless ways. The practice is analogous to a course in freediving that takes place in the "waters": we carry boundaries within our skin. By liquefying our minds, we may dissolve and crystallise lifelong blockages sculpted in bodies over time. By mimicking the natural ways water behaves and expresses itself, we will reconnect to the internal fluid dynamics, most often inhibited by the excessive chronic muscular activity.

The practice is a unique blending of improvisation-orientated frameworks with progressive building of dancing sequences. The activation of wave-spiral principles and spinal undulations are the doorway to allow participants to groove delightfully in the rhythmical motif of our primeval fluid nature. In the end participants are left with self-empowering tools and guidelines to integrate their experiences into daily activities outside and inside the dance studios.


ArtistBio: Bruno Caverna
Workshopoverview 2017
Week3: 31. Jul - 04. Aug 2017
Intensive3: 05. Aug + 06. Aug 2017


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