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Bart Grietens
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David Hernandez

Bust a move! A cardio experience

Don’t stop!

Bust a move is an all inclusive physical experience. Drawing on my beginnings as a HipHopper, go-go boy and social dancer I developed an aerobic non-stop dance session that gets the heart rate going while working rhythm and opening the body through moving. I serve as the guide through this hour plus process as we improvise around simple yet specific modules that I will teach and explain beforehand to some great beats from today and yesteryear. We take the energy of a night out in the club and fuse it with some contemporary dance know-how to create an experience that is both fun and works the body in specific and beneficial ways. We will pull from the roots of social dances ranging from HipHop, Pop and Lock, Salsa, African, et al and borrow qualities each can offer! The main rules - don't stop til you get enough and enjoy!

ArtistBio: David Hernandez
Workshopoverview 2017


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