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Laurent Ziegler
© Laurent Ziegler

Kerstin Kussmaul

The Psoas Connection – Experiential Anatomy

Experiencing and toning deep muscle connections

We will use the "psoas complex" as our prism to explore connectivities in our bodies.

The muscle iliopsoas reaches from the thoracic spine to the pelvic bone and to the femur (thighbone). It is a deep torso muscle influencing strongly many body systems: spinal erection, knees, feet, breath, throat & jaw, organs in the belly, the nervous system and emotions.

Cognitive detailed anatomical information is the base to explore these connectivities with touch and movement. By releasing and activating the iliopsoas muscle, related muscle groups and kinetic chains we develop a powerful tool for injury prevention, increase the functionality and power of the body systems mentioned above and influence chronically weak or painful areas in our body in a positive way.

The underlying method for this workshop is Myoreflex therapy: It works with the muscle sensors as a tool for regulation, thus reaching through this deviation the control centre – the brain. This physiological connection can be used to perceive specific muscles and to activate them in movement. Our brain’s capacity to discern, to modify and to complement is almost infinite. In this way we create new opportunities to translate our internal experience into movement.

This workshop is suited for dancers and non-dancers interested in specific work, and will provide exercises and tools to use in any movement practice.

ArtistBio: Kerstin Kussmaul
Workshopoverview 2017
Week1: 17. Jul - 21. Jul 2017
Intensive1: 22. Jul + 23. Jul 2017


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