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Thibault Gregoire
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Samantha Van Wissen

Rosas Repertory - Rosas danst Rosas

Strongest experience

"In this workshop I will take you back to 1983, the premiere of "Rosas Danst Rosas". This piece has been touring throughout the world staying successful over time. There was an intensive world-tour in 1992, and this is when I joined in.

It has become one of my strongest experiences as a performer and as a person in general. The challenge of the minimal repetitive movement, interpretation, dancing complex structures with four people together, are interesting topics to me - and most of all a pleasure to dance! Listening and breathing together, feeling each others energy…”

The actual material lies in the heart of the movement work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. The simplicity of the basic material, the exciting dynamic range and the complexity of the structures make it very suited to learn and teach.

"Rosas Danst Rosas" consists of four parts each representing a moment in a day: sleeping/waking up, working, afternoon and evening/nightlife. The movements are drawn from everyday observations: the hands through the hair, letting the head fall, looking to the side. It is an interaction between formal elements and a language full with emotion that gives the movements its intensity. We will work on the first three parts:

- Floor material (a slow and a quick phrase)

- On chairs (a challenging complex structure)

- In space (unison with variations).

As the piece is made and danced by women the material is quite feminine. I do think the material is also interesting and meaningful to men. Some adjustments in movement may be required though.

You will need flat comfortable shoes, basket shoes, Reebok dance shoes, or just street shoes with a flat and flexible sole. The workshop does not include a warm-up, so please come prepared for the class!

ArtistBio: Samantha Van Wissen
Workshopoverview 2017



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