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Jean Baptiste Huong
© Jean Baptiste Huong

Jeremy Wade

Future Clinic for Critical Care aka FCCC

Audrey Lorde declared that "Self-care is warfare". In the Neo-Liberal delirium of independent individualism a.k.a. survival of the fittest, care and caring become battle cries for future systems of support. What if care motivated radical forms of interdependence to disrupt the competition and isolation that capitalism begets? However, in the face of institutionalising, naturalising, and normalising care, which can be paradoxical, paternal and problematic, this workshop aims to address care (not just as medical issue) but as a socio-political necessity and artistic methodology focused on: a) Ethics of care: embodied as consensual, attentive, communication with the pursuit of interdependence versus authoritarian hierarchy; b) Activism: embodied as actions that seek to raise awareness of, and promote social, political, economic, and environmental changes; c) Art: hacking, subvertising, faking, world making, non-naturalising, now ritualising, collaboration 2.0, social practice, emancipatory conceptions of the body, fierce critiques of power, sovereignty through redefined knowledge practices, living, working and moving together.

Let’s engage in a critical version of care without the Hollywood romance. Let’s chart out some Battlefield Nurses out there in the field whose practices can bring us into dialogue with each other and then into action. Let’s create a Future Clinic for Critical Care where the exploration of systems of support, both real and imagined, can unfold as new forms of resistance.

ArtistBio: Jeremy Wade
Workshopoverview 2017


REBECCA PATEK "ineter(a)nal f/ear" © MARIA BARANOVA

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Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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