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Thibault Gregoire / Noemi Elias
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Laura Aris & Luciana Carlevaro

Voice, Movement, Space & Air

In the Zone

This workshop is addressed to all those who move and are eager to use their voice as an artistic and creative tool. Dancers who love to sing and talk, singers who love to move and dance, performers who usually run, dance and shout, anyone who uses the body and voice to create any kind of artistic practice. For five days we will build a pyramid to reach the experience of entering "The zone" in a confident, safe and natural way.

Starting from the order of the studies and the practice of disciplines, and heading towards the disorder (turbulence-chaos-confusion) of the creation processes, we will seek a way with the help of tools and strategies to reach the craft of artistic performance in a calm and accessible way. Regarding the voice, we will acquire knowledge of anatomy and physiology, self-awareness and new vocal experiences. Mechanisms and exercises that emphasise efficiency in every way. Better results with lesser effort. Optimise and enhance the complete mechanics of vocal production by paying attention to those unexpected aspects that contribute to the physics of singing or speaking. Regarding the body, we will use movement as a means to reach physical states that open the floodgates of emotional and creative imagination. By giving voice, air, and time to the body, we will make it vibrate, contract or expand, and listen to the inside. We will use metaphors and images to produce or enhance new kinaesthetic experiences and awareness.

The workshop is divided into different blocks. A sound work block, a body work block, and various mixed blocks where voice and movement are integrated in different ways. We will work as a group but there will also be some short individual sessions with some of the participants, while the rest of the group becomes their witness, accomplice and observer. Although participants will be asked to bring in songs or spoken texts, we will not seek final results or predetermined goals. We will not work with a specific methodology, but use our own practice and accumulated experiences from past pedagogical encounters, from sharing and questioning discoveries, eager to explore and endure in our desire to exist within the nowness.

ArtistBio: Laura Aris
ArtistBio: Luciana Carlevaro
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