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Ivo Dimchev
© Ivo Dimchev
Field Projects: 2017

Ivo Dimchev

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This Field Project is booked! we are sorry, that we can not take any more applications! There is an Add-On-Workshop with Ivo Dimchev in Week3. More

The aim is that everyone has a coherent solo performance that expresses at best his/her own artistic individuality at the end of the five days. Different ways on developing a solo work, own physical and text material, writing on dramaturgy, dealing with space, objects, contexts, and making choices will be proposed.

We will delve into questions such as: What do I really enjoy doing? What would I love to do on stage? What kind of physicality or body language do I need to relate to the space I am working in? Do I need to use objects? If yes, which object is the most important to me? How many different ways can I find to relate to an object and develop material out of it? How can I use movement material, an object or text to relate to the space, other objects, the audience, myself or an idea?? How do I write my own dramaturgical text? What should I write about? And what, from the already written, shall I finally use for my solo? What’s the length or the intensity of the different scenes or elements?

Participants will be given different assignments based on these practical questions and get support for making up their creative trajectories. Awareness of our own process and taking distance from it, developing enough material in a limited time and finally assembling a finished solo performance, which shows your unique artistic qualities. Individual feedback will be encouraged among the group in order to understand different processes and to support each others work.

ArtistBio: Ivo Dimchev


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