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Doris Uhlich
© Doris Uhlich
Field Projects: 2017

Doris Uhlich

Beastie People

This Field Project is booked! we are sorry, that we can not take any more applications! 

Starting point for this Field Project are non-human movement and behavioural patterns. In the course of this week we will move more and more inhumanly and dive into movement explorations and energetic states inspired by the study of animals and plants. What kind of inputs can we find in wildlife in relation to exceeding and undercutting familiar time structures and body dynamics? We work on mental and physical stamina and question and break through temporal and spatial habits. Through studying the body stiffness of animals, for example, we can experience the differences and dynamics between calmness and standstill. Movies like the "The Fly" by David Cronenberg, examples of Land and Body Art, as well as the developments in Bionics and Robotics will inspire us humans, generically mammals, to create "contemporary mammal dances". We will try out and dance the generated material in nature, where we will meet animalistic species as additional audiences and dance partners.

Countless stories of humanity are about mythical hybrid creatures and monsters. The transformation process, the power of so-called animalistic urges and desires, being wild, being free, turning into a beast: asking, why humans are human. In the highly technological world we live in, there are increasingly important questions on how to deal with other creatures. More and more developments are emerging, that generate completely innovative hybrids.

"While the human body with its materiality was the centre of my last works, the focus now is on expanding the human physique through dealing with others and with non-human bodies. There are more than only humans in this world." (Doris Uhlich)

The Research Project is addressing professional dancers and performers. Please bring an example (video link etc.) of an animal or plant as your possible inspiration.

This Field Project is addressed to professional dancers and performers. Nudity could possibly be part of the Field Project.

ArtistBio: Doris Uhlich


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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