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Viktorija Nazarova
© Viktorija Nazarova
Field Projects: 2017

Bruno Caverna


Play-Fight is a self-empowering physical practice that threads through martial arts and the dance worlds. It is exactly at this unique intersection of languages, with seemingly opposite purposes, that a fertilised zone for confrontational cooperation arises. On a more philosophical prism, it proposes a re-evolutionary container for inner exploration as well as the deconstruction of an arsenal of dysfunctional attributes acquired as we grow up in modern societies. Mutual trust must pave the way through doors of self-confrontation permeated by a collective and genuine sense of friendliness. The particularities of Play-Fight interactions may be revealing. It beckons to us from the other side of the social masks that we often attach to ourselves without ever contemplating who/what is behind them.

Bruno will merge himself along the process; his teaching will soften and spread all over as a constant embracing presence, more like river banks that contain and orientate the flowing water allowing more freedom for self-transformative experiences. In this respect, each participant will be invited to actively engage in such unfolding process of wider resonance, joining with unique light and fuel in the art of retrieving own formlessness. Stagnated energies will find its natural motion back, from inside out, like eruptive dormant creative power. Overall the Field Project proposes to be an ensouling compass for a navigation process through the unknowable we all are born out of.

ArtistBio: Bruno Caverna


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