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TURBO Residencies 2017

TURBO research residencies

TURBO is an initiative to support and promote emerging choreographers living and working in Austria. The residencies include rehearsal space, workshops and research projects, performance tickets as well as individual coaching by established artists.

We are delighted to offer this year's 2 TURBO research residencies to Olivia Schellander and Ulduz Ahmadzadeh.

Olivia Schellander (AT)

JAWS (working title)
#orality #salivation #autonomous movements #(s)wallowing #voice #fluidity #inner-outer environment  #evolution of mouth  #silence  #volume

With JAWS Olivia Schellander wants to explore the field of the oral domain and human voice apparatus.
The oral cavity, throat and jaw are the visible protagonists here – with the mouth as a gateway, an arbitrary boarder, a cross-over space between inner-outer, pleasure and pain, lust and disgust, nothingness and articulation. How does an obsessive yet sensual focus on this body part influence HOW the body moves?
Investigating on the borders of inner-outer environments, JAWS deals with the oral domains’ biological realities, sensations and obsessions, cultural and social connotations and artistic representations.
How long can we keep the mouth open? What if we don’t swallow anymore? Which oral topics and problems emerge? The physical research focuses on challenging autonomous movements, as in concrete bodily functions, reflexes, (e)motions a.o, and to experiment with vocalisation in between the still and the dancing body.
JAWS dives into the physicality of pre-language and proposes the cry as a metaphor, as the opposite of being silenced and muted, and possibly as a strong gesture to arrive into language. „If you work with the face, voice will inevitably appear...“ (myriam van imschoot/ total poetry).
JAWS is Olivia’s solo process parallell to her collaboration VOLUME with performance/ visual artists Sara Lanner and Jasmin Hoffer (AT). Both strands deal with the field of orality, voice and language and its performative occurrences. Olivia’s initial research was inspired by practices and works of Angela Schubot and Myriam Van Imschoot a.o. She follows a solo and collaborative practice to experiment with modes of artistic development and formats around the proposed subjects.


Ulduz Ahmadzadeh (AT/IRN)

Body as Memory
a Research Project by Ulduz Ahmadzadeh

"Biography is omnipresent. I am a product of my life story"
Hochaus R., 2017
"Body as Memory" is a project which deals with the construction of foreignness and the process of alienation. The current debate about hostility towards strangers, cultural racism, and sexualized violence reflect the need for artistic discussion. As a resident of the city of Vienna, immigrant, Oriental and artist, it is my responsibility to take a political stance and position myself as the corridor of communication, rather than the object of information. The central theme of the artistic process and research is the connection of the self to foreignness. What does "foreign" have to do with the social and political self? And how is foreignness perceptible in the body and in movement?
I experience my body as a place of research and ascendancy, in which my own experiences serve as the origin of self-reflection. This research project strives to be a critical examination of the stereotypical image of Oriental women. The body is unmasked as a projection screen. Using body, soul and understanding, I examine heterogeneous society, collected societal occurrences and their subsequent impacts in a journey through time into my past. This journey ends in the politically demanding present, using dance as a means of expression for the resistance movement. I experienced the fate of migration and the consequences of the eight years war between Iran and Iraq. I began to dance as a child and pursued this calling with passion, while living in country where dance was forbidden. I used the stylistic device of contemporary dance for social and political critique, which was very provocative in Tehran. This break with the political norm resulted in arrest and sanctions by the security agency in Iran. After discarding my promise never to dance again, I succeeded in gathering experience as a choreographer and dancer with various dance ensembles (sometimes even as founder and trainer) under the alias "Theater without Dialogue."  Growing up in an anti-fundamentalist family taught me to publically deceive and hide my truth early in life, using my art form as a tool of resistance. As a result I suffered injustice, discrimination, sexism and oppression.

I came to Vienna eight years ago as a student, with the notion that I could finally move freely. Nevertheless, I seemed to perpetually be pushed into the role of the "Oriental Woman," used as the counterpoint of the "West" and pigeonholed as "different and foreign". Who am I really? Which alienation processes have contributed to my current sense of self? In what way does the Oriental Woman serve as a projection screen for the formation of Occidental identity? When do we realize that we are foreign? How can this feeling be visually represented through the body? How does foreignness feel in the body? Is foreignness identifiable on the body or as a bodily experience? These questions are the point of origin for the project "Body as Memory,"  in which I examine my body as stored memory and set out on an adventurous journey to my innermost self with the goal to make my most intimate and personal physical and psychological experiences visible.
The main questions are:
"How did my body feel as...?" and "How can I represent this state and make it perceptible?"


More about the TURBO residency:

The application is open for all emerging choreographers living and working in Austria. Each TURBO residency will be shaped individually according to and in dialogue with the selected artists. TURBO artists may / can chose from the following services:

• studio space for 2 weeks
• individual coaching by an artist present at ImPulsTanz 2017 (in accordance with the desired artist)
• participation in 1 research project (Pro Series or Field Project) per person (PLEASE NOTE: the selection for participation in these research projects is done by the relevant project heads)
• participation in max. 2 workshops of your choice per person at ImPulsTanz 2017
• tickets for 5 performances of your choice per person at ImPulsTanz 2017
• studio for (optional) final showing

Please send your application (English or German) incl. curriculum vitae and brief description of the project you want to work on in your residency by 18 April, 2017 to

Rio Rutzinger
T: (01) 523 55 58

We are looking forward to working with you this summer!

TURBO Residencies 2016


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