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Ivo Dimchev "Avoiding deLIFEath Exhibition" © Karolina Miernik
Ivo Dimchev "Avoiding deLIFEath Exhibition" © Karolina Miernik
Festivalprogramm Extras

Ivo Dimchev & guests (BG)

Avoiding deLIFEath Exhibition

For six days, Ivo Dimchev is going to explore seven of his favorite creative activities: teaching, writing, painting, writing songs, playing piano, giving concerts, filming music videos, giving interviews. Each of these activities might morph and transgress along the way. Pay Ivo a visit and witness his 8 hours performance laboratory Avoiding deLIFEath and the resulting Avoiding deLIFEath Exhibition, which he will amend and rearrange every day anew!

There is a moment when things you love to do become a nightmare. And then there is a moment when this very nightmare might become an opening. Whether a nightmare or a blessing, it doesn’t really matter to me. Because I prefer flying in Hell over crouching in Heaven. I can subvert my work only from the inside. And that is what I mostly expect from myself approaching this long-durational workaholic meditation. (Ivo Dimchev)

Avoiding deLIFEath (Performance)

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26 / 28 + 30 July, 10:00–19:00 / 27 + 29 July, 10:00–16:00 / 31 July, 14:00–19:00 / 01 + 02 August, 10:00–19:00 / mumok Hofstallung


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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