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Field Projects: 2016

Koo Jeong A & Jennifer Lacey


A Nose is an expert in translating an idea/feeling into an odor. This is her job. Her expertise is a skill but a very, very subjective one. Some smells make us nostalgic and others make us nauseous. We could say that designing a smell is a minor art but it is sneaky because it is difficult to avoid a smell once it is around even though also unlikely that a smell, good or bad, will last forever.

A smell is maybe similar to excess- that which overflows and evades understanding and yet is still undeniably present. Excess is a very important part of art that is any good at all. It is also sneaky and subjective.

Drawing is a practice like dancing; spending time within something that is almost boring in its relationship to technique and history but is also creating something fragile and never to seen again at the same time- Dancing and drawing are confusing that way

Dancing and Drawing are things for humans to do that produce (elliptically) someTHING as well as just themselves. Dances and drawings also produce a smell, an excess. This is sometimes easier for other people to identify- just like it is difficult to smell our own body odor. We propose this working time to be noses for each other, experts each in our own manner, translating someones excess into something like scent.

On a very basic level we will probably start with something simple: a physical practices to produce an autonomous ( ie unpeopled) things and the productions of things that produce a performative event ( ie unstable in time).

The truth is we are doing this workshop to be together and also to be together with you. We will make something and we would like to make it with you.

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